10 Fun Games for Kids: Hilariously Engaging and Educational Game Ideas

10 Fun Games for Kids: Hilariously Engaging and Educational Game Ideas


Fun games for kids that teach, entertain and engage our little ones without breaking our budgets… do these exist?

Happily, YES!

As mum to Finlee and Chloe and the owner of one of Australia’s largest online kids’ toys store, I come across a HUGE {and seriously not kidding HUGE} range of toys and kids games pretty much every day.

Want to know how I decide which toys are best?

I look at whether they’re super safe and made from quality materials, and not cheap plastic or questionable colours.

I consider what kids will learn from them and how much would they enjoy playing with them.

I also, focus on whether or not these toys will encourage us to make memories with our children, because honestly, childhood is all about making memories and connecting with our littles.

Using these as a guideline I choose toys and games for kids, and keeping the same in mind, here are our top 10 fun games for kids, guaranteed for utter excitement and engagement while learning and making memories too.


  1. 2-in-1 Fabric Memory Games

Two in One Fabric Game: Memory Game & Bingo – Brown Striped


Our wonderful selection of 2-in-1 fabric memory games are delightfully whimsical and tons of fun. Not only do they help improve recognition and memory skills but you can also use them to play good, ol’-fashioned Bingo with the kids and make tons of happy memories of yelling “bingo” as you go!

Made from quality fabric, in cheery designs and prints, these are also compact enough for you to toss into your bag and keep handy when in the car or waiting at the doctor’s clinic.


  1. Cheery Wooden Skittles or Bowling Sets

Kids Wooden Toys Tiger Tribe Animal Skittles


Who doesn’t love bowling and skittles?!
And when they’re made from gorgeous wood, in cute designs and with non-toxic colours, the fun just doubles up! Check out these sweet yellow bumble bee skittles or these rad pirate skittles.

Skittles are a classic and fun kids game that helps improve motor skills while also improving eye-hand coordination.

Not only that, they’re a wonderful game to have at hand when friends or siblings are over to encourage making memories while having a blast as well.


  1. Bananagrams Spelling Game



Fast and fabulously fun, Bananagrams are awesome at helping older kids improve spellings and create words, cross-word style. Plus, it’s super portable too making it perfect as a travel game too.


  1. Rainbow Bean Bags Game


Rainbow BeanbagsThis is one kids’ game that always lights up the children’s faces. Why? Because they get to throw things!

That’s right. The Rainbow Bean Bags is a super fun kids game is all about practicing motor skills like, throwing and catching while recognising colours and yes, having tons of fun too!

So, go ahead, be the Mum who has fun when kids throw these around!


  1. Mancala, the Oldest Game in the World


Played all over the world, Mancala is a cool maths game that’s also known as “count-and-capture” or “sowing game”. Not only can you help kids practice their counting skills with Mancala but you can also introduce them to history by reading about the different versions and countries where this game is played.



  1. Catch and Count Game

Finlee and Me Games for Kids Catch and Count Game

While Mancala is for kids, aged 6 years and above, younger kids can practice their counting and numeracy skills with a super fun game too. Catch and Count is perfect for kids, aged 3 and older, and will lead to hours of engaged, engrossed fun as kids spin the Octopus spinner to catch a fish or five!


  1. Match and Spell Game

Finlee and Me Games for Kids Match and Spell Game

Just as Bananagrams is awesome for boosting spelling skills for older kids, the Match and Spell game is perfect for younger kids.

Children will love identifying letters and making simple 3 and 4 letter words as well while recognizing familiar objects. Great for kids to play independently or with friends and family.


  1. Marble Maze Games

Finlee and Me- Kids Games- Marble Maze Game {Blue Arrows}


Marble mazes have been a childhood favourite and when they’re made from soft and cheery coloured fabric, you can be sure you have a keepsake too.

Kids love moving the marble along the maze and remembering the path while improving their fine motor skills, shape recognition and overall memory skills too.

These wonderful fabric marble maze games are a delight to play with and make awesome travel toys too.



  1. Kids Costumes for Pretend Play Games

Kids Costumes Butterfly Costume Blue Ulysses and Orange Monarch


Childhood memories are all about pretend play and letting the imagination run free.

These gorgeously designed kids’ costumes featuring butterflies, birds, unicorns, superheroes and more are perfect for making pretend play perfectly fun for everyone.

You can bring them out to encourage storytelling, verbal expressions, and even, for sensory play and downtime.


  1. Idea Boxes, the Ultimate Game Sets for Families

30 Days of Christmas Cheer Gifts Idea Boxes

Finally, I want you to meet Idea Boxes. These are pretty much the most fun games for kids and grown ups too. They’re just what you need to make a truckload of happy memories, giggling, snuggling, squealing, and more.

Idea boxes comes in a range of “topics” and you can choose ones that are perfect for your family or just pick them all and use them all through the year.

Check out the Finlee and Me store for more amazing fun kids games.


Top 10 Fun Games for Kids Guaranteed to Engage, Educate and Entertain

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