10 Organising Tips for Working Mothers

Organising tips for working mothers


Organising tips for working mothers?

Angela…aren’t all mothers working? I can hear the question in your head and honestly, I agree.

We’re all working… whether at home, from home, outside the home.

So, let’s put that debate to rest.

Having said that… when mothers are juggling a professional life along with a personal life, their needs to stay organised are very different from say, a mother who’s balancing different dimensions of only her personal life.

Working mothers need to keep on top of professional commitments while ensuring that the home and family are managed just as smoothly.

As a working mother, myself, juggling both a full-time job, an online business and of course, two cherubic munchkins along with the house, I can vouch for the fact that there are days when insanity reigns supreme.

On that note, staying organised is a necessity for us.

Here are the 10 organising tips that work wonders for a working mother and yes, will work just as well for a stay-at-home mama too.

1. Write Things Down

No mother, working or otherwise, should ever tire her poor brain out trying to keep everything held in it. Uh-huh!

Instead, use a planner, a personalised notebook or a diary to jot down to-dos, chores, deadlines, appointments and the million little things a mother’s supposed to do.

2. Meal Plan Magic

Working mothers, like yours truly, swear by the power of meal planning. Not only does it cut down on what you have to make when you head home, you know exactly what to pick up from the grocery store and the kids know what’s for dinner. Yep. It frees up your brain during a busy week to focus on other things and saves you tons of time too!

3. Prep in the Evenings Equals Peaceful Mornings

Want to know the secret to heading out the door without either you or the kids in tears?

Prep the evening before.

That’s right.

Lay out the clothes, get the kids to check their backpacks and put them next to the door, plan and prep for breakfast and lunches and you’ll have a much easier start to the morning. Guaranteed!

4. Multitask but Mindfully

Yes, the jury’s out against multi-tasking and it may not work but there’s something to be said for multi-tasking mindfully.

For instance, you can sit down with the kids while they do their homework and knock off things like, paying the bills or folding the laundry or even, read your book.

You’re with them to answer any questions or help them look up something but you can get another task done with ease too!

5. Set Switch Off Times

What’s your family’s switch off time?

When you turn off the gadgets and tune into each other?

Set a switch off time when you turn off the TV, iPad or video games so you can connect with each other and talk about the day, their challenges, anything new that’s come up for you and your partner and basically, have a conversation.

Not only will this help you stay connected with the kids, you’ll also be able to use this time to remind them on any appointments, deadlines or commitments.

6. Schedule One-on-One Time with Family Members

Staying connected to your family as a group is vital to staying organised. Even more important is staying connected on a one-on-one basis. Not only will you know what’s going on in their heads and hearts, but you’ll also get a chance to deepen your relationship with each one of them.

That is why using a planner is so important, so you can plan these out and make them happen.

Chloe and I, for instance, spend Fridays together. Sometimes, it’s nothing more than painting nails or eating a cookie, but those are special times that help both of us connect better and make memories too.

For more on connecting with your kids with ease, check out 30 Days, 30 Ways to Connecting with Your Kids

7. Sneak in Self-Care Every Week

This is probably my favourite organising tip of all. It’s a LOT easier to stay organised and on top of things when I’ve filled my well a little with self-care.

Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated or challenging or even about salons and spas… it can be as simple as staying hydrated and heading outdoors for a while. Check out the 30 Days, 30 Ways for Mothers to Take Care of Themselves to know what I’m talking about.

8. Keep Clutter from Entering the House

Want to know my secret for staying organised? Keep clutter out of the house. That’s right. Deal with it before it enters the house and you’ll be much happier.

Get your mail? Sift through and trash the junk mail and flyers right away.

Headed for a shopping spree? Ask yourself whether you need it or simply, want it and if you do want it, do you have place to store it with ease? This exercise will help you not only cut clutter but also save money.

9. Set Aside a De-Clutter and Tidy Up Day

As working mothers, tidying up the house everyday isn’t going to happen. Yep. Make your peace with it.

But what you can do is set aside a day to do a declutter, deep clean and a tidy up for at least one room, if not more. Work your way on a weekly basis through the house and you’ll be golden.

Another organising tip that’s really helped me is to do an evening pick up once the kids have gone to bed and before I hit the laptop for work.

Like our evening prep, this simple routine also helps us start the day with a living room that doesn’t look like a tornado hit it.

10. Remember to Breathe… Often and Easy

Finally, and most importantly, mamas, remember to breathe. It’s okay if things are a bit haywire. It’s okay if you’re dropping a few balls every now and then. Like I’d shared earlier… dear mothers, please be gentle on yourselves.


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