10 Uses For Wet Bags For Babies

101 Uses For Wet Bags For Babies (Well 10)

There are at least 101 uses for wet bags for babies. They will save the day for bringing home dirty nappies – nobody wants that in their handbag and if you use MCNs there’s no abandoning a favourite in a public change room. Wet bags can be used for anything soiled, for keeping things safe and dry, and for trapping in nasty odours. These top 10 uses for wet bags will having you stocking up on these handy little items.

5  wet bag uses for damp and mucky things

1. The pool – Bring home soaked swim wear without getting everything else damp after a trip to the pool or beach.

2. Little Accidents – Kid and mess go hand in hand. Drinks will drop, food will spill, and nappies will leak. Put dirty clothes into a wet bag and contain the mess until the washing machine is at hand.

3. Muddy shoes – Stop mud from spreading through your bag or the car by placing dirty shoes in a wet bag.

4. Water bottles – Keep water bottles cool, and the rest of your bag dry when heading out for the day.

5. Craft supplies – Fill a wet bag with craft supplies when you are going out, and there will be no annoying marks from felt pen lids that come loose or glue from a lid that falls off.

5 handy ways to use wet bags to keep things dry and safe

1. Medication – Keep medications, tablets and measuring devices clean and dry.

2. At the beach – A change of clothes, your phone, anything that you want to keep sand free can be safely stored in a wet bag.

3. Documents – Passports, tickets or important documents will be kept safe.

4. Nappies and change supplies – Keep fresh nappies and change supplies in one handy bag so they stay fresh and clean.

5. Ipad protection – Extra safety for your ipad or tablet device. You can never have enough of that.

Wet bags are easy to keep clean with a quick wipe out or put them in the washing machine when really dirty. They are great for the environment as they can be used over and over again. With 101 or more uses, these trendy and handy baby wet bags and nappy bags make practical gifts for any new mum and you won’t know how you lived without them.

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