Baby Wrap Giveaway from Finlee & Me

Baby Wrap Giveaway from Finlee & Me

Keep your little one close to your heart by wearing one of these beautiful, organic cotton/bamboo baby wraps that Finlee & Me are giving away. We’re not just giving 1 baby wrap away, but rather 10 baby wraps away. We know there are a lot of families out there right now that are about to have a baby/had a baby and have been looking for a baby wrap, but may not have the funds to purchase right this minute as it’s not a high priority. Therefore, enter our Baby Wrap Giveaway now for your chance to WIN!


WIN 10 X Baby Wraps from Finlee & Me

To enter our giveaway it’s simple. Just click below, complete the requested information and don’t forget to feel free to share with others who may also needs/want their one baby wrap.

Sling Giveaway from Finlee & Me

Baby Gifts, Educational Toys, Sensory Building, Imaginary Play and More…

If you’re about to have a baby, have a baby, have a toddler, have a child, need a baby shower gift, Easter gift, birthday gift, Christmas gift then make sure to head to Finlee & Me with over 1300+ quality products to choose from.




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Meike Peterson
Meike Peterson
5 years ago

Would love this!