Bean Bags for Kids – READ THIS Before You Buy!

Safety First – What Every Mother Should Know About Bean Bags

Every kid needs a bean bag or bean chair.  It’s a right of passage through childhood! Bean bags are versatile seating that can be easily moved from room to room. Kids love being able to snuggle up in their own bean bag (typically but not always, girls) or to dive bomb onto it from the nearest piece of furniture (typically but not always, boys). There are however, a few safety considerations for having bean bags in your home and it’s vital to know that not all bean bags and chairs are created equal. Follow these simple guidelines and keep everyone safe.

Bean Bags and Babies

Bean bags can be a very comfy seat for nursing mothers, as you can wiggle your way into a supported spot whilst feeding (might need hubby to get you up though!). Babies under the age of 1 should never be left unattended in a bean bag. If they manage to roll over, they will not have the ability to turn themselves over and could suffocate. Little kids are better suited to Bean Chairs as their shape holds firmer and they are easier to climb out of.  Of course, even bean chairs need supervision!

Be weary of beanies

Bean bags need beanies, but these little white balls are probably the biggest hazard of having bean bags in your home. Should beanies manage to escape from your bean bags they are dangerous for pets as they can block airways, not to mention being the single most annoying thing on the planet to clean up – once beanies escape in your home, you’ve got them for life!  That’s bad news because babies could possibly choke on beanies if they try and eat them.

All good quality bean bags have your family’s safety in mind and are constructed with clever features to stop beanies escaping. They will be made with an internal liner for keeping the beans in place and they will be fitted with a child proof zip so that little fingers can’t allow for beanie escape.  The difference between a bean bag from a discount store and one from a boutique like Finlee and Me, could save a life!

How to safely fill a bean bag

Take the bean bag cover and the bag of beanies into the bathroom and shut the door behind you. Place the opened bean bag into the bath, make a small opening in the bag of beanies so that you can control the flow of beanies into the bag. Close the liner and zip up the bag. Should any of the beans escape they will be contained in the bath and be quickly vacuumed up before any can escape into the home.

Bean bags are perfect for kid’s bedrooms or play rooms and come in so many colours and patterns that you will be able to find the perfect match for your décor. When the bean bags get dirty, empty the old beanies (that get squashed and need replacing occasionally) into a large garbage bag. Wash the cover and then refill with new beanies and they will look brand new.

Bean bags and bean chairs are the ultimate kids chair, they’re the only chair that is fun to sit on and can distract with hours of play but if there is any item in your nursery that you need to choose well, it’s bean chairs and bags.

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