Best Building Blocks for Kids

Best Building Blocks for Children

Building blocks have never been more advanced for eager young leaners than now. Looking for more creative learning, or visual stimuli? Perhaps even different textures and even block sets that make noise? Look no further than Finlee & Me. Shop easy at Christmas and buy each child or grandchild a different wooden box set to match their age and interest. Read on, about the various building block sets hitting the market.

Building Block for All Ages

Be Inspired

Design and create with Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks. These magnetic wooden blocks offer children the chance to turn blocks, into tall and unique foundations. Take these blocks out to a restaurant or park and not have the worry of them falling all over the ground or under tables. And watch your child be transfixed as they know there is a stronger force pulling their blocks together.

Sensory Development

One of the greatest gifts you can give children is a toy that has all the elements for sensory play. The Wonder Sensory Blocks are visually appealing with the different colours and shapes of each block. Different materials used, makes it interesting to touch and the sound of the blocks offers a modish touch.

Think Logically

Building time is now fun for children and parents with the Wonderworld 50 Pieces Block Set. Different colours and shapes assists logic building in toddlers minds. Wonderworld 50 Pieces Block Set is ideal for little minds to learn new strategies. Where will I put this block? And if I put a triangle here, will it be supported by the Circle next to it?

Learning is Fun and Easy

For young children, learning the alphabet is fun and easy with colourful letters displayed in ABC Wooden Blocks. Learn where to place each letter in the alphabet. Toddlers will love the images and words which will not only help with their speaking and reading but also imagination as they create stories with some of the words. With the added benefit of building and stacking too.

A More Visual Way to Learn

Hard to get your child to sit and read? This A-Z Flash Cards and Wooden Blocks are perfect for every child who loves to see things visually. A-Z Cards refer to the elements of building and design. Such as W for Wallpaper. This unique concept gives your child playing and learning in one.

Watch Your Child Think Out of the Box

With Colourful Building Brick these colourful designs are sure to help your child to think creatively which helps with problem solving, plus they learn to use their imaginations to build and create.

For the Little Musician

Ding, ding, ding, rattle, rattle, rattle. Who knew blocks could make noises and sounds and be completely camouflaged as standard wooden blocks. Watch your baby or toddler look for where the sound is coming from and soon discover that it is the First Sound Blocks in their hand making the noise.

This is way too much fun…

Watch your child roll the circular wooden blocks and shake, listen and watch the Rainbow Sound Blocks. A very visual, fun and colourful way to learn and play. Not to mention build, stack and sort. Your child will have lots of entertainment playing. Plus the added benefit of learning about science and manipulating colours against light and the concept of gravity, where the inside shapes will always stay on the bottom – when tipped or turned upside down.

Imaginative Play

Any aged child will love spending countless of hours creating a city with their hands. They can even drive their cars through and around the colourful city or have their dolls visit their friendly neighbours. Much fun with the Wooden City and Town Waldorf Building Blocks Set.

Be Happy

With rainbows brings smiles. Wooden Rainbow Stacking Set boasts colours and half circular shapes which all give a unique concept when played with. A versatile stacking set that can be used for boats and cars of various sizes to row under or drive over the bridge.

Wonders of Wood and Stacking for Babies

Babies love to stack items on top of one another. They love bright colours and different sized blocks. Wonderworld Natural Stacking Ring is ideal for early education and fun. Watch you baby giggle as the Stacking Ring starts to sway!

Let’s Build

The Wooden Block Set 45 is for those little builders in our life, who love to be architects and designers when building their block set. Only build in blue and yellow colours or build the tallest tower with all 45 blocks and then watch it fall, with a shout ‘Timber.’

Finlee & Me are proud to present to you, the coolest building blocks for children, making education and learning fun. For more education toys click here: Finlee and Me Montessori Range or Finlee and Me Other Education Toys.

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