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Birthday Gifts for a 1 year old

Choosing birthday gifts for a one year old is as much about mum as it is about bub! A child’s first birthday is often a time for parents to celebrate making it through the first year with lavish events and cocktail food. The first birthday really is a time to celebrate, baby has moved through so many development steps in the first 12 months, rolling, sitting, eating and babbling that it’s any wonder everyone is exhausted! In the next 12 months baby will really take off, moving through milestones faster than you can reach for your camera. The best gifts are ones that aid in bubs development or make mum and dad life a little easier!

Coloured Rainbow Geo Blocks

Wooden blocks are particularly important at this age, as babies learn all about colour and shapes. Playing with blocks can help develop motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination making them great birthday gifts for a one year old. There is also evidence they improve social and language skills as we tend to spend more time as parents helping them build and talking to them about the colors and shapes.

Bath time play

Around 12 months babies start to become more mobile and therefore more active in the bathtub. This is a great time to introduce games to bath time with interactive toys. Animal squirt toys are fantastic for encouraging splashing, giving them greater confidence in water. Bath time routines are important for 1 year olds, so making them as engaging as possible will make it more pleasurable for everyone. Singing songs and telling stories are great ways to engage babies, foam bath stickers are loads of fun and great for prompting story telling.

Playing with food

One year olds love to play with food and the next year is all about developing through sensory play – there’s nothing more sensory than squishing up some dinner. This is a time for exploring tastes and textures, and distributing food in as many places as possible! You never really know mess until you give a 1 year old a spoon and a bowl of spaghetti. Toddler Trays and Splat Matts are perfect birthday gifts for a one year old to make mum and dad’s life a little less messy.

For mums and dads

Birthday gifts for a one year old is not all about baby! After all mum and dad have played an important role this year, and if you want to reward them for all their hard work, they will adore Personalised Keepsake Jewelry. Inscribed with quotes, children’s names and birthdates they are such lovely reminders of your babies to carry with you always.

It doesn’t need to be confusing when searching for birthday gifts for a one year old. Anything that encourages baby’s development or makes life easier for mum and dad will be the perfect gift.

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