How to Potty Train Without Flushing Your Mind Down the Drain: Potty Training Reward Chart, Apps, Books and More that Help!

You guys… I have something that will make you want to be best friends with me forever, and ever! That’s right. It’s called a potty

The Wonders of a Weekly Family Meal Planner: Use Menu Planning to Make Meals Prep and More Easy and Stress-Free

Do you want to know the secret to keeping your family fed without losing your head? Sidenote: Yes, I know that isn’t my best work

50 Positive Things to Say to Your Child + Free Printable

The Importance of Positive Language In the general chaos of everyday #mumlife, it’s forgivable to sometimes let the words spill out absent mindedly and not

The Importance of Taking Photos with Your Kids

I was scrolling through my iPhone the other day (4,000+ images) and was amazed at how many photos I had of Finlee (my 7 year

Be the Mother You Wished You’d Had

Chloe my 3 year old whispered to me the other day… “you’re my best friend.” Not only did my heart swell with happiness, but there

How to Make Rainbow Rice for Awesome Sensory Play

The look of awe on a young child’s face when a tub of rainbow rice is placed in front of them is priceless. It would

Grooming of Children – What All Parents Need to Know

This blog article is not an easy post to write. It’s something I never thought would happen to my family, but it has. As a

Top 5 Tips to Help Exhausted Mothers Look and Feel Good About Themselves.

{Sponsored Post} Since having kids, my idea of looking hot pretty much consists of wearing sweatpants, a jumper/sweatshirt and flip flops for shoes. Add the

Motherhood – Somedays You Just Have to STOP and Inhale a Can of Whipcream.

Let me give you the hot tip, today went a little something like this… At around 1:30pm I was full. Full of yelling, full of

The Real Cost of Education for Our Children

{Sponsored Post} Last night Finlee (my almost 7 year old) came up to me and reminded me that we needed to charge his IPAD for

The Importance of Family for Our Children

As the pilot came on over the intercom and announced we were on our final decent into Edmonton Alberta, Canada my heart skipped a beat.

The Internet Service All Families Should Know About – Vividwireless

{Sponsored Post} Yesterday I moved house. It sucked. Really, really sucked. Between having to find a new place, packing, disconnecting and having everything connected again;

Self-Care for Mothers: Three Unbelievably Incredible Resources for the Busy Modern Mother

Self-care for mothers is probably the most neglected part of motherhood and really, we can’t fault a busy mother for putting herself last. She’s juggling

Healthy Eating for Mothers with Lite n’ Easy

{Sponsored Post} As a Mother, wife, business owner, maid, cook etc I’m finding less and less time to focus on my own self-care. Can anyone

Best Pretend Play Toys: The Ultimate Unmissable Guide from Finlee and Me

Looking for the best pretend play toys? You’re in the right place. But first, let’s talk a short while about why pretend play is so