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Prepare yourself for the first day of prep.

Prepare Yourself for the First Day of Prep It only seems like a few months ago that you were bringing your new baby home from

Helping A Friend Through Baby Loss by Finlee and Me

Helping A Friend Through Baby Loss Helping a friend through baby loss is one of the toughest jobs women face – and yet, sadly, it’s

Baby Shopping Websites

The Best Baby Shopping Websites Online Today! For someone so small, baby’s sure need a lot of things, and these baby shopping websites will help

Educational Baby Toys

Educational Baby Toys, Start Young! Not all baby toys are created equally, educational baby toys can be a valuable tool in developing your baby’s abilities.

Stranger Danger

How To Start Teaching Stranger Danger To Toddlers As soon your toddler starts walking and talking, it is time to start teaching them about stranger

Traveling with Babies and Toddlers

Top Ten Must-haves When Traveling with Young Children Traveling with babies and toddlers does not have to be your worst nightmare. Confined spaces and long

Rainy Day Activities for Kids at Finlee and Me

10 Rainy Day Activities for Kids At some point, every mother searches the internet desperately seeking rainy day activities for kids. You are not alone!

Safety tips for kids in crowds from Finlee and Me

Safety Tips for Kids in Crowds – it’s Festival Season Again! Whether you’ve got a new bub or a big school kid, the Aussie winter

How To Swaddle Wrap Your Baby – Products by Finlee and Me

How To Swaddle Wrap Your Baby We’ve all heard or read advice about newborn babies. One such gem is to swaddle or wrap our new