Create Childhood Memories and Christmas Fun with Printable Santa Letters

Create Childhood Memories and Christmas Fun with Printable Santa Letters

Writing Santa letters is a fun and easy-to-do Christmas activity that adds magic to the holiday season.

Plus, as someone who absolutely loves good, old-fashioned letter writing, this Christmas tradition is especially close to my heart.

Kids get to practice their writing skills, learn to express what they’re feeling and enjoy a “personal” connection with Santa Claus!

Naturally, I’m excited about having Finlee and Chloe write out their letters to Santa this year too and then, post them out too.

That’s right.

Once you’ve printed out the printable Santa letter templates and the kids have written out their letters, the kids can post them to Santa Claus and get a reply too!

Why Writing Santa Letters is a Wonderful Tradition

Just like other holiday traditions, writing letters to Santa Claus is a wonderful way to spend time with the kids, learn what’s going on in their little minds and enjoy some holiday fun together. Plus, you’re making memories with them.

Years down the line, they’ll look back fondly at all the letters they wrote to Santa and how much fun they had doing so.

Before you start, though, make sure you have everything you need ready so you aren’t hunting for pencils, stickers or crayons at the last minute.

With younger kids, you may need to do some prompting to help them write or draw their letters. Older kids may be okay doing it independently.

In either case, if this is your first time writing a letter to Santa, you could ask kids to introduce themselves, share how they’re feeling about Christmas and what they’re excited or even, apprehensive about.

They can also share some of the good deeds they’ve done and then, they can share what they have on their wish list. Encourage them to include a gift for themselves and one for giving back to the community, like shoes for a child at the homeless shelter.

 Free Printable Santa Letter Templates

Gorgeously designed, you can choose from 3 fun styles and print out the one you like the best. Click on the images below to download 3 letters to Santa templates.

Printable Santa Letter Template #1

Santa Letters Printable Templates



Printable Santa Letter #2

Printable Santa Letters Template from Finlee and Me



Printable Santa Letter #3

Santa Letters Printable Template #3

Get the kids to write out their letters and then, follow these instructions from Australia Post to mail them out.

1. Write Santa’s address clearly on the front of your envelope so your letter can be delivered to the right place. Santa’s special address is:



2. Place a 70c stamp on the front of your envelope.

3. Turn the envelope over and write your name and address on the back of the envelope, so Santa knows where to send a reply.

4. Post the letter in a street posting box or at an Australia Post retail outlet.

Now, all you need to do is wait for Santa to reply and yes, keep the kiddies calm until then! Happy writing!

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