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Educational Baby Toys-2Educational Baby Toys- Start Young

The minute those little eyes look up at us in wonderment we want to give them the best start in life. Watching your child grow through each development stage is one of the true joys of being a parent, and can make up for all the sleepless nights and endless nappies. The first few years of life are a prime time for development, so which toys will help them reach each milestone the fastest? We have selected the best 5 products to help your baby grow.

Wooden City & Town Waldorf Building Block Set

The fundamentals of Waldorf education is a focus on creative play and imagination. These blocks were developed to nourish the senses and inspire imagination. Develop your little ones fine motor skills with these wonderful blocks.

Rainbow sound blocks

Recommended for babies from 18 months, each block is a different size, covered in a variety of coloured translucent plastic and filled with various types of beads. Bubs will delight in stacking them, shaking them and watching light reflect through the coloured plastic.

Wooden texture cylinders

The tactile, or touch system, is very powerful and important. Discriminating, or feeling fine details, is critical to fine motor dexterity. The cylinders come with 10 unique colours and textures and are matched to the textures on the board to aid in the development of tactile discrimination.

Art cards

Art cards are a wonderful way of engaging your baby, introducing animal names and noises. Exploring art cards is the first step to fostering a love of reading in children, an essential step in baby’s development.

Colourful sensory blocks

Babies love anything they can chew, touch and hear, all actions that develop a child’s senses. The development of these senses help a baby’s brain to connect the dots, as millions of brain cell connections become hard wired. Sensory blocks incorporate colour, patterns, soft tags and rattles, everything baby needs to play and develop. Starting young can be an important part of your child’s development. Educational baby toys are all about igniting the senses and can be a great way to engage with your child.

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