Educational Baby Toys

Educational Baby Toys, Start Young!

Not all baby toys are created equally, educational baby toys can be a valuable tool in developing your baby’s abilities. It is never too early to encourage your child to develop the skills that will help them become enquiring and adventurous toddlers. Here is our pick of the best 5 toys to enhance your bubs learning whilst having fun.

5 top toys for your baby’s development

Discovery – Everything is not as it seems! With a Peek-a-Boo bag, baby will have hours of fun discovering that hidden behind little white balls are cute colourful goodies. Baby is encouraged to move the contents around inside to find the objects and you can start teaching baby object recognition by naming the items as they appear.

Basic Building – Little hands will delight in rolling, stacking, squeezing and throwing a colourful set of Soft Baby Blocks. With bold and bright prints these blocks your baby will start to learn how awesome their little hands are and what they can do with them.

Tummy Time – Encourage baby to spend time on their tummy. This is the important first step towards learning to crawl. Wee Gallery Art Cards feature gorgeous bold prints to capture bubs attention. They are made tough to survive grabbing and the occasional visit to baby’s mouth. Always name the object on the card when using them with baby, encouraging sight recognition.

Colour Their World – Colourful bean bags that are great to squish and throw are a wonderful way to start colour recognition with your little one. Six Rainbow Bean Bags make up a very colourful set that can be used for a variety of games and activities. A handy guide of games comes with each set.

Big and Bouncy – Balloons and babies don’t usually mix. Even though they are lightweight and fun to play with, if they pop little bits could end up in baby’s mouth. The perfect solution is a Balloon Ball cover. Safely encase a blown up balloon in a colourful cover and they are perfect for baby to roll, pick up and throw without breaking the good crystal.

Whether you are buying for your own baby or you need a gift for a special baby in your life, these toys are perfect choices for little ones. Place your order now from our large range of educational baby toys not only look gorgeous but can really make a difference in baby’s development.

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