Gift Ideas for Your Mother on Mother’s Day

Judging from the conversations I’ve been reading Facebook, Mother’s Day is one of the hardest holidays to buy presents for.  Gift ideas for mums seem to bubble down to flowers, houseplants, chocolates and mani-pedi gift vouchers.  Mother-in-law gifts seem to be the biggest concern at the moment!  So many people wondering what to buy the woman who has everything and appreciates nothing (did I say that?) While I’m pretty lucky with my mother in law, I thought I’d make a list of gift ideas for mum that won’t cost a fortune, that won’t be left in the garage and that will give your mum (or MIL) some real happiness!

So, if you’re stuck for affordable gifts for mums, we thought we’d think outside the box and come up with some cool mother’s day presents that go beyond the mani-pedi or bunch of flowers!

10 gift ideas for the “mother who has everything”

One of the main reasons adult daughters struggle to find gifts that their mums will love is that they have had plenty of time to accumulate all the things that they want.  If your mum is 50-60 years old, consider getting her something to help her explore new things and enjoy her time for herself…after all she spent a lot of years on you and your siblings!  You don’t need to spend a fortune just to find the perfect gift for the mum with everything:

1.      Do her family tree (This could be a controversial one – be careful of skeletons in closets!)

2.      Get all of her “mum sayings’ made into wall art

3.      Get her horoscope done

4.      Send off to her favourite artist or musician for an autographed image

5.      For religious mums, consider a Papal Blessing (available by online order direct from theVatican)

6.      Subscription to her favourite magazine or annual pass to her favourite attraction

7.      Cookery classes for her favourite cuisine (be careful not to imply she needs lessons!), classes in creative writing, painting or any other skill she’s been dabbling with.

8.      Photobook or digital photo frame of pictures of her and the family

9.      Handmade keepsake such as personalised jewellery a scrapbook or photo board

10.  A handmade kit – whether it’s a herb garden starter kit, a handmade soap or candle kit, there’s dozens of hand made projects that are a bit out of the ordinary that your crafty mum will love.

If it’s a gift bought with love, chances are your mother will love it.  A box of chocolates and a bunch of flowers lacks “the thought that counts” element – think outside of the box of chocolates when you start thinking of gift ideas for mum this mother’s day.

There’s also an awesome article on gift ideas for Brisbane mums on Brisbane Kids at the moment – if your mum is a local mum with everything!   Thanks to Style Me Pretty for the gorgeous image

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