Home Schooling In Australia – Montessori And Other Methods At Home

Home Schooling In Australia – Montessori And Other Methods At Home

Home schooling used to be only for country kids who simply did not have access to a public or private school due to the remote locations where they live. If sending your child to boarding school was not viable, home schooling was the only alternative. More and more Australian parents who live in our major centres are turning to home schooling as a viable method of educating their children. Parents of children that have been the victims of bullying are finding this method a suitable alternative to mainstream education, and Montessori and Steiner options are gaining popularity as they focus on developing the whole person not simply memory retention. There are quite a few different options available to parents and here is a brief outline of some of the most popular.

Home schooling methods in Australia

Home schooling in Australia requires dedicated parents who really enjoy a hands-on approach for this way of schooling to be successful. Fortunately there are plenty of options and support available to help you succeed.

Montessori Method – Home schooling Montessori style involves creating an environment of learning centres, focusing on practical every day skill development and real-life practises to help children learn. Kids are encouraged to work at their own pace, rather than under a structured time schedule.

Waldorf/Steiner Education – A holistic style of learning that focuses on learning for the body, mind and soul. There is a strong emphasis is natural tools, arts and crafts, movement and music in a structured format but without the extensive use of text books and computers.

Traditional School At Home – Involves creating a replica school scenario in the comfort of your own home. A regular time-table is required and set curriculum texts are followed with all the standard subjects being included in learning.

Australian Christian Home Schooling – If you are a Christian parent this program offers a structured curriculum with scripture and biblical principles interwoven into all course material.

Distance Education – Is now available to all Australian kids that use home computers to access set lessons. Results are marked by parents and then forwarded on for recording in their child’s portfolio, and at the end of their studies certification of completed work is sent through.

Fortunately there are now plenty of online support groups to help parents give their children the best possible education at home. Many groups organise outings and events so that home schooled children can have interaction with other kids learning in the same way. With so many options available, investigate all of the possibilities before choosing the one that bests suits your family dynamics. Do you know someone interested in educational toys? Feel free to share!

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