Make Connecting with Kids Easy, Fun and Interesting in Just 10 Minutes a Day

Make Connecting with Kids Easy, Fun and Interesting in Just 10 Minutes a Day


Connecting with kids.

Making memories.

Putting precious deposits in the minds of our children.

Building bonds.

Forging relationships.

Childhood is an incredible time to strengthen our relationship with our kids. However, we also know that modern day life is overwhelmingly busy, kids are often, over-scheduled and taking time out for simple things can seem like a humongous task.

At the same time though, there is no doubt that making time for connecting with our kids will be one of the best things we ever do.

In my earlier post on 20 simple ways to connect with kids, I’d shared easy ways I make time to make memories with Finlee and Chloe.

But I know how tough it can be to make time on a daily basis to connect with our kids. We can get caught up in school pick up and drop offs, after-school activities, managing the home, volunteer work, professional and career commitments, running a business, tending to extended family and so much more.

In all of this, it can get tough to break away from the routine to just slow down, snuggle up and enjoy these early childhood years before they slip and fade away.

Today I want to invite you to join us for 30 Days, 30 Ways to Connecting with kids Challenge.

Everyday, starting the 1st of March, you will get one, easy-to-do activity idea to help connect with your kids. We’ll pair the idea with a fun plaything and craft activity too.

So, if you have only 10 minutes, go with just the main memory-making activity idea. If you have say, 20 to 30 minutes, forge a stronger bond with one of the craft activity ideas.

The idea behind this 30 Day Challenge is to encourage us, busy mamas {and some papas!} to make an intentional effort to connect with our kids in a simple yet meaningful way.

Connecting with kids doesn’t have to be complicated, fancy or expensive.

Connecting with kids needs you to take out just 10 minutes a day to let your child know that, even though life may be whizzing by, you’re slowing down to get to know him/her better, one day at a time.

So, we hope that you’ll join us for this fun and FREE 30-Day Challenge. We kick off in just 3 days.


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