Perfect Gifts For Three Year Olds

Perfect Gifs For Three Year Olds

Three year olds are tricky. They are cute, clever and know what they want. They are no longer young enough to accept any new gift as a an opportunity for exploration – they have specific, passionate interests. It can be a minefield aspiring to find the perfect gift for a three year old child. The perfect 3 year old gift will challenge without bamboozling them and bring out their new found interests and skills. We’ve saved you some time and collated a list of our favourites here.

Story Stones – for the three year old with big ideas

These amazing picture tiles will inspire any child to make up their own tale, possibly even for hours! Beautiful, individually hand painted illustrations depicting various cues to inspire story telling in your toddler. You are not only giving your three year old a gift of pictures, you are giving them opportunities to practice and learn literacy and stimulating their imagination too. Great for use at home, or when you are visiting friends.

Kinetic Sand for kids who love texture and squishy stuff

This is an essential sensory experience for any three year old – but ones who love squishy stuff will be delighted! Sand you can bring inside without feeling like you’ve just moved to the beach! It’s mouldable, so sandcastles and other creations are a breeze, but the best bit is, it’s designed to “cling” not scatter – keeping the mess down! Kinetic Sand is a great way to increase their fine motor skills and have fun at the same time.

Fold ‘N’ Go Car Mat for lovers of all things mobile

The Fold and Go Car Mat is great for boys and girls alike, inspiring pretend play and role playing, making it a great gift for your three year old. Just add cars, trucks or a toy digger and they will be entertained for ages driving around until their heart is content on the portable road mat. This mat would also be useful for car journeys, waiting rooms or keeping your child entertained for some quiet time at home.

Time for some colourful fun?

Paint is another great gift for three-year-old children. Natural Blend Paints are so easy to use and safe for little kids because they are made from natural sources, with no nasty chemicals. Simply blend the vibrant coloured powder with water to create the palette to inspire the next masterpiece for the family fridge or grandparent gift.

Where do I find such great gifts for three year olds?

Right here in our online shop, of course! Follow this link for access to all these great presents for your toddler and many more!

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