Recycling Craft Ideas for Kids

Recycling Craft Ideas for Kids

craft42smIt’s 7am. You’ve been up since 5am and you’ve already played cards, read books, had breakfast, played hide and seek, brushed teeth and you think … it’s only 7am what will I do next?

The other day this is exactly what happened with my 4 year old. So we went searching around the house for items we could use to make a craft and to get Mr.Finlee’s 4 year old brain working.

Items Needed for Craft

  1. Huggies box
  2. White paper (but any colour will work)
  3. Tape (any kind)
  4. Paints (but you could also use crayons, stickers etc)
  5. Paint brushes
  6. Plate to put the paints on
  7. Jar for washing paint brushes

Instructions to Making Your Masterpiece

  1. Gather all items needed
  2. Tape paper to outside of box
  3. Put paints on a plate so you don’t have to stop and start with getting new colours
  4. Let your little one get creative
  5. Have fun by joining in

It’s hard to remember that you don’t need a bunch of flash art supplies to have fun with your little ones. Use what ever items you have around the house: feathers, sticks, stones, glue, newspapers, tooth picks etc. But most importantly, have fun and create life long memories.

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