Sensory Play Activities for Kids – Ice Blocks

Sensory Play Activities for Kids

Sensory play activities are always a winner in any home. Sensory play opens the door to free play for kids. It allows them to explore a material from top to bottom. Touching it, smelling it, tasting it etc and not to mention how much fun they have doing it. With our Australian summer upon us, I wanted to think of an activity I could do with both my 4 year old and 1 year old to cool us down, but still be educational and fun. The answer… homemade sensory ice blocks.


Go around your house and find materials that have different textures.

Step 1: Place your found materials into bowls, storage containers or simply anything that will freeze and fill with water.

Step 2: Place items in freezer and let freeze overnight.

Step 3: Set up a tub, storage container or anything you can place water and then fill with enough water so that the kids can have a play. After filling with water, pop in your new ice blocks for a sensory filled experience.

Step 4: HAVE FUN!!! Talk to your kids about what is happening. Are the ice blocks cold? Hot? What do they feel like? What do the materials feel like?

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