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Baby Carriers: Sling Style From Finlee and Me

Baby slings and wraps are great for clingy babies, that quick trip to the corner shop and when using public transport. Babywearing can help settle a tired baby, and give parents their hands back when carrying their baby. Wraps and slings can also help Mum and Dad bond with baby by keeping them close to their bodies. Carriers also give extra piece of mind and security to nervous first time baby holders! Let’s investigate some different types of baby carriers.

Baby Slings And Wraps

Terminology for baby carriers can be quite confusing, often using the same names for different types of baby wearing. Generally, a fabric carrier that has a soft structure, or wrapped around the body to support the baby is called a sling or a wrap. These names are used interchangeably for the fabric carrier sewn into a cocoon shape with one fixed or adjustable strap, and when referring to one long strip of fabric, which is wrapped around the wearer’s body. There are also carriers available that have a definite sewn structure, often with several straps or clips to secure them, usually called a baby carrier.

Wearer Comfort – Slings Vs Carriers

A baby sling or wrap that distributes weight evenly across the shoulders, back and hips is going to be the most comfortable for most people for longer periods of carrying babies. One shoulder slings are great to have some extra support when breastfeeding or when you are only holding your baby for a short time. Some wraps look quite complicated, but with a few practices they become like second nature. The difference between a reputable (often expensive) baby carrier and its cheap counterpart is HUGE. Most baby carriers take a bit of practice to put on, there are clips and straps to adjust to your height and weight. Placing your baby in the carrier can be tricky – especially if it’s a “backpack” style baby carrier. Choosing a less reputable carrier can also mean difficulty getting your baby out of the carrier, as it does not hold shape, trapping the baby. Baby carriers can be useful in hot weather as the baby is less cocooned and more exposed. They also tend to be the preferred “carry mode” of dads. Our stylish range of babywearing wraps are available now via our online shop.

Safety Is Important

There is nothing more important than your baby’s safety when using any sort of baby carrier. A few things to remember:

• Don’t constrict the baby’s airway with their body position or by wrapping them too tightly.

• Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for carrying positions for the wearer and location or orientation of the baby. Not all carriers are the same.

• Be sure that the baby is secure and not going to fall out or slip once the wearer starts moving around.

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