30 Days, 30 Ways for Mothers: Take Care of Yourself with Ease to be Happier and Healthier

30 Days 30 Ways for Mothers: Take Care of Yourself

“Take care of yourself!”

A phrase we often use without giving it much thought.

Are we, mothers, really taking care of ourselves?

Are we focusing on our health, our happiness, our peace of mind as much as we focus on those we love the most?

I think not.

And I know I’m not alone.

As Mum to Finlee and Chloe and the owner of Finlee and Me, I meet hundreds of mothers, all of whom, have the same simple wishes

“I just wish I could get a full night’s sleep”

“I just wish I could go to the bathroom uninterrupted!”

“I just wish I could enjoy a book/a movie/a grown up activity every once in a while!”

The wishes are simple yet unfulfilled.


Because as mothers, we are givers, doers, carers… but we aren’t giving, doing and caring enough for ourselves.

Sorry, if that’s harsh but… that’s true.

I know we don’t have a ton of time and so that is why, I’ve put together a bite-sized 30-Day challenge to help you take care of yourself, one baby step at a time.


Because when you’re happy… everyone’s happy.

That’s right.

At the end of these 30 days, you’ll feel rested, energized, calmer, more productive and definitely, more peaceful.

Wouldn’t that make for a happier home?

I think so.

So, pop in those details below and get ready for a recharged, renewed, rested YOU.

We start May 1st!