30 Days of Christmas Cheer {Day 17}: The Christmas Eve Gift Box Tradition

30 Days to Christmas Cheer Christmas Eve Gift Box  Day 17

“Time cannot be packaged and ribboned and left under trees for Christmas morning. Time can’t be given. But it can be shared” — Cecelia Ahern

Today’s Christmas Cheer challenge is about packaging up a box of special Christmas treats for the kiddies and watching their faces light up with excitement on Christmas Eve or even earlier.

That’s right.

This is a gift to them from us before Santa visits and sets the stage for everything that’s going to unfold.

 Creating Childhood Memories and Traditions Activity

Every year, I fill up a box {it’s the same box every year} with Christmas PJs, Christmas book, a Christmas DVD and some Christmas stickers for both Finlee and Chloe. Here’s a peek at one of the boxes I made for them last year.

30 Days of Christmas Cheer Finlee and Chloe Christmas Eve Gift Box

It’s such a treat to watch them wear their special Christmas PJs, read their books and just be all out thrilled with it. We choose to give this box to them on Christmas Eve but I know of families who do this on December 1st. So, go with what feels good to you and make this sweet tradition your own.

 Awesome Must-Have Christmas Product of the Day

Personalised Christmas Ornaments- Santa Key

Since we’re setting the stage for Santa’s arrival, our must-have Christmas product for today are these gorgeous personalised Santa keys! Stylishly handcrafted from bamboo and metal, they’re just what you need if your house doesn’t have a chimney and Santa needs to enter from the main door! Click here to check them out and get one for your family.

Reading Our Way Through Christmas

30 Days of Christmas Cheer Reading Your Way Through Advent

This wonderful Advent activity is a great way to enjoy the holidays without too much candy or “stuff”. You basically read your way through the Advent with a handpicked selection of Christmas or even, non-Christmas books! Head over to Living, Laughing, Loving to see how you can do this with your kids.

For over 1400+ products, head to the Finlee and Me Shop for a range of hand-picked and quality baby toys, kids toys and products, décor items and get all your gifts for this holiday season now.

Finlee and Me


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kate @ livinglovinglaughing

Thanks so much for sharing our Christmas book advent! Those christmas keys are gorgeous treasures – wow! Getting soooooo excited for xmas and all the traditions – it’s so nice to get ready early 🙂

7 years ago

Hi Kate- yes we love your advent and shared it this year and last year. I’ve been inspired by your book advent and some I’ve seen on PInterest over the years and have created one for our family this year. So so so excited to start reading our Christmas collection every night. Wishing you and your family and a wonderful holiday season. xx