Connect with Your Child: 30 Days, 30 Ways to Help Create a Strong Connection with Your Kids

“How was your day?”


“Did you learn something new?”


“Did you have fun at school?”



If monosyllabic answers make up a large part of your conversations with your kids, chances are you need to re-ignite the connection and strengthen the bond that brings the two of you closer.

As a mum to two, I know that connecting with our kids in a world that is increasingly rushed, busy, schedule-driven and technology-based, can be easier said than done.

But it is also essential that we learn to pause, step back and take a moment to make memories with our littles, because before we know it time would have flown and with it, our kids too. Out of our nest and into the world that awaits.

You need to disconnect from the busyness to connect with them now.

As someone who’s been there and done that, I’d love to share strategies that have helped me make memories, create a unique connection with both of my kids and do it while running a business and working at a full-time job.

 The Finlee and Me 30-Days, 30 Ways to Connect with Your Child Challenge:

In this 30 Day Free Challenge, we share simple, easy-to-do and fun activities to help you connect with your child and form a bond that brings you closer and lasts forever.

Every day, starting March 1st, you’ll get a bite-sized, actionable and enjoyable “Connect with Your Child” activity idea.

You can print those out and put them up on the family bulletin board, write them in your planner or just read them and do them right away. Your choice.

The idea behind this is to simply take the love we have for our littles and turn it into a sweet little “connect time” tradition that the kids and you share.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or even, tangible as in a present or a new toy. In fact, it is usually a cost-effective, heartfelt and incredibly simple activity that lights up their lives and their eyes and creates a connection {and a memory!} that can last a lifetime.

If you’re ready to connect one-on-one with your child{ren}, we’d love to simplify and streamline it for you by sharing one quick, fun and yet powerful way to connect with your child, every day all through March.

Pop in your details below and you’ll be all set! We start on the 1st of March, 2016!