10 Awesome and Affordable Teacher Gift Ideas

Shopping for your child’s teacher doesn’t have to be painful or stressful when you have the 10 Awesome and Affordable Teacher Gift Ideas at the palm of your hand from Finlee and Me.

I don’t know about you but shopping in general during the holidays can stress me out, add shopping during the holidays with 2 kids and it’s enough to make me rock in a corner. So grab a tea or a bottle of wine, grab your credit card and order an awesome and affordable teacher gift in the comfort of your own home; EPIC WIN!!

Awesome and Affordable Teacher Gift Idea #1 – LoveJFrame

LoveJFrame is an Australian family-run business specialising in personalised gifts or features for your family home. Their collection is fresh and modern and the aim is to capture special moments such as but not limited to: end of the year teacher gifts, births, engagements, anniversaries and more.  Head to LoveJFrame to purchase yours today.


Awesome and Affordable Teacher Gift Idea #2 – Fun Earrings

These Australian made and designed earrings are painted to perfection and will make the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Head to Finlee & Me Earrings Collection to purchase today.


Awesome and Affordable Teacher Gift Idea #3 – Personalised Notebook

Lets be honest, teachers would have to be one of the most organised group of professionals in the world. So why not give this personalised notebook for your child’s teacher to not only continue being organised, but also add some colour and fun in their day. Head to Finlee & Personalised Notebook Collection to purchase today.


Awesome and Affordable Teacher Gift Idea #4 – Modern Design Headband

Teachers are human beings too, who outside the classroom might just like to put on some make -up and get dressed up. These Australian designed and made modern headbands are a brilliant teach gift. With over 120 designs to choose from head to TopKnot Girl to purchase today.


Awesome and Affordable Teacher Gift Idea #5 – Funky Calendar

It’s hard enough finding a calendar that doesn’t have cows, dogs, cats, or sheep all over it – let along a calendar that is big enough to pop everything you need down, but also fun, vibrant and funky to look at. Head to Finlee & Me Best Calendar Ever to purchase.


Awesome and Affordable Teacher Gift Idea #6 – Handcrafted Serving Board

All teachers like to eat so this beautifully handcrafted serving board would be perfect to serve cheese, dips, antipastos, fruit, breakfast or even dinner on.  With an entire timber range, your child’s teacher will be able present their favorite foods with a unique style and organic simplicity. Head to Millie to view the entire range (please note this gift is a great gift to team up with other parents to reduce the cost).


Awesome and Affordable Teacher Gift Idea #7 – Colouring Books for Adults

Adult colouring books are taking over the world and rightfully so. Research is showing “The more thoughts that are running around in your head, the less happy you are, regardless of what the thought is, and so by uncluttering the thoughts you are improving your happiness.” Considering our teachers spend so much time, with so many little humans it would only make sense that teachers need a way to unclutter their thoughts too. Head to Finlee & Me Colouring Book Collection to purchase today.


Awesome and Affordable Teacher Gift Idea #8 – Make It Merry A Healthy Cookbook

I’ve read and used numerous cookbooks over the years and was beyond thank-ful when I purchased the Make It Merry A Healthly Cookbook. It’s been refreshing to see recipes that are not only easy to make, helps with my sugar intake and delicious!! Head to The Merrymaker Sisters to purchase today.


 Awesome and Affordable Teacher Gift Idea #9 – Handmade Key Ring

A little bit of bling is what ever teacher needs. To view the entire range of key rings, necklaces, earrings and more head to Murphy and Me.


Awesome and Affordable Teacher Gift Idea #10 – Personalised Table Runner

All teachers have a form of a family, so these amazing Christmas Table Runners are sure to spice up any table for the holiday season. To grab one for your teacher head to Finlee & Me Finlee & Me Personalised Table Runners.


We hope our 10 Awesome and Affordable Teacher Gift Ideas will help ease the pressure on getting the perfect teacher gift this holiday season.

Don’t forget with over 1400+ baby/toddler/kids products we carry at Finlee & Me (that focus on nurturing imaginary play, creativity, colours, fine/gross motor skills) you’ll want to check out the entire range for Christmas gifts this holiday season, birthday parties, baby showers and more.






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