10 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

10 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Even if I am not the Mum-to-be at a baby shower. I love oohing and ahhing as the gifts are revealed. There is nothing sweeter than teeny tiny clothes, little bonnets and that fresh, baby smell from the products.

When looking for that perfect gift, I think of various gift ideas for baby and mother. Gifts for the baby are one’s I believe would be most used, adored and cherished. These gifts warm any parent’s heart as they watch their beautiful new baby be surrounded by the beautiful gifts of those dearest to them. What I also love about gift shopping for a baby shower, is I get to buy something that a parent would not always buy.

Top 10 Innovative, New and Unique Baby Gifts (That any new Mum and bub would love)

1. Blooming Bath for Babies – Have you seen the absolutely adorable Blooming Bath for Babies? For little space for a little bub, the soft insert fits easily into the sink. No lifting heavy tubs in and out of the laundry sink. And the cleaning is as simple as rinse, wring and hang dry. It also prevents slips. Did I mention it is adorable as well as convenient? Plus it comes in array of colours.

2. Baby Blanket – Another much used and treasured gift is a blanket. Baby blankets have multiple uses and a cute colour and style. A gift to wrap your precious baby in is priceless.

3. Milestone Baby Cards – For a perfect memorable gift to remember each new moment with your baby, look at the Milestone Baby Cards. A gift set of 30 cards to celebrate all major milestones as your little baby grows.

4. Squiggle Monthiversaries Onesies – Have you seen the 12 onesies? That’s right Squiggle Monthiversaries give you a chance to celebrate your baby’s growth each month with an adorable onesie, for each month. Onesies are fantastic for summer to wear individually or in the winter to wear underneath some warm clothes. You have to see these Squiggle Monthiversaries they are a great idea and too cute.

5. Funky Chalboard Onesies – For a baby shower gift or even party game, be sure to look at the Funky Chalkboard Onesies. After each wash, start a fresh with a new message to your little one or to the world. ‘Yes, he is a boy!!’ (When asked at the supermarket, how old your little girl is). Or, ‘How cute am I?’ This makes a unique, fun and thoughtful gift.

6. Monkey Mat – for all of your sitting down needs. Planning a morning out with a group of new Mums and bubs? Be comfortable when sitting down on the Monkey Mat. Easy to pack away into your bag or to clip it onto the pram. Multiple uses for baby and Mum outdoors and in. Bold colours to perk up anyone’s mood.

7. Personalised Kid’s Night Lights – Kid’s Night Lights for any age. For style and personalisation to your child’s room add a personalised night light. It comes with your child’s name printed in a font and colour of your choice, making it the coolest night light around.

8. Nappy and Wet Bags – For every new Mum, going out for a few hours can seem to be a nightmare when packing. Nappy and Wet Bags are ideal for longer outings that may require nappy changes. These adorable styled accessories are a necessity for a stress-free day out.

9. Superhero Costume Sets for Babies and Children – Zoom, POW, Wham! Superhero Costume Sets for boys and girls should be on your must-wanted list. Let your child imagine themselves being a strong superhero to save the world. Or if for the little baby in your life, perfect for a fresh photograph moment or a cuddle with your favourite little superhero in your life.

10. Baby Sensory Block – And a must for all babies is a safe, soft sensory block. That hosts noise, looped ribbons and the ability to hold, throw and giggle as they play with these stylish and much-loved toys.

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