12 Awesome Alternatives to Easter Candy

12 Awesome Alternatives to Easter Candy

As parents, we all know the effects of too much sugar and chocolate. With the Easter holiday coming near, choose a sugarless gift to give your child. At Finlee & Me, we suggest to give a gift that can be treasured rather than forgotten after consumption.

Alternatives to Easter candy:

1. For all your craft needs, (especially to make an Easter basket for the Easter Bunny), your child will need the Craft Turntable. Now you no longer have to have craft all around the home. The Craft Turntable comes with five bright coloured mini tin buckets on a sturdy wooden turntable. Make craft fun, organised and accessible.

2. Watch your child’s imagination soar by making a special fairy garden. Dainty and adorable Fairy doors, Fairy Mailbox and Fairy Tea Cups are waiting for tiny fingers to play with. Let the magic unfold in your home this Easter.

3. Travelling over the Easter holiday or perhaps staying indoors due to wet weather? Wooden Coloured Blocks will provide hours of fun. Especially Finlee & Me’s unique educational range. The whole family can get involved and build a house or rocket together. Motor skills, sensory play, design, building and constructing are just some of the cool skills your child will gain while paying with wooden blocks.

4. Play indoors or outdoors and invite the friends over to play Elastics. This game is great fun for all involved. Plus it makes a wonderful opportunity to increase a child’s physical activity, especially if having to stay indoors.

5. The most adorable Drawing Set you will ever find is available at Finlee & Me. Five different choices of very cute and handy drawing sets. Simply add crayons and with the notepad included, let your child draw their adventures of their Easter holiday in their pad. Then save their holiday drawings in their trinkets box for keepsake. In years to come, they will remember their holiday from looking at their drawings and the special times you shared together.

6. Did you recently watch The Lounge for the Hot or Not Segment? Kinetic Sand was deemed Hot. As it cleans easily off carpet and seating. Plus it is easy to mould into shapes and castles. Making Kinetic Sand an exciting and fun gift, not only great for children but also for the ones who clean up after them.

7. The Easter long weekend generally sees many families going for long drives to their holiday destination. Give your child a beautiful crafted Pencil Roll. The pencil roll holds up to 12 coloured pencils and adds the great advantage of fitting into your handbag. You can literally take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

8. Imagine carrying a roll of tape and a train in your bag. Sounds ideal for travelling. The surprise is, you and your child can create a train railway using Train Tape. You could create a bridge or a pit stop. And as you and your child drive trains, you can tell your passengers what to look out for as the train drives past. “And over to your right, you will see a massive zoo. Only the biggest and loudest animals are there. Did you hear that? I think it was a lion. ROAR.” Or simply, let your child have some play fun while you sit down and read a book at your leisure. That is what holidays are for, right!

9. Patterned fabric and shapes create a fantastic memory game. Not only does your child learn more about shapes, colours and textures. They also improve their memory. Two in One Fabric Game makes for a wonderful Easter trea

10. When travelling, the hardest and scariest part of any trip for a child, is sleeping. Simply because it is not their familiar bedroom at home. Pack your child a Personalised Kids Night Light and this will keep them comforted. It also aids as a great decorator for their bedroom, when you do return from the fun trip away.

11. Even the most active child will love a groovy and stylish Bean Bag or Bean Chair. Your child will have fun sitting, lying and rolling on their stylish and soft bean bag. Every child loves bean bags and what better opportunity than Easter to see their eyes light up in delight.

12. Every child loves to make noise. What better way, than with Finlee & Me’s Musical Range? From a Half Moon Tamborine to Mini Cymbals, your child will be singing, dancing and playing music with a big smile on their face.

For more awesome alternatives to Easter Candy, view Finlee & Me’s Extensive Range.

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