33 Fridays and My Baby Girl Will Be Starting School

starting school

As I dropped Finlee (my son) off at school, Chloe gave me the look and there’s only one thing that look can stand for that “it’s time for Mommy and Chloe day to start.” Fridays are a time for Chloe and I to connect. To listen to each other. Go to ballet and then follow it up with kale salads and cookies shaped like watermelons, pineapples and everything magical in between. We can sit in silence and simply be in the moment.  It’s been a chance for us to create and build on our mother daughter relationship, something I never had with my own mother. But today it hit me, there are only 33 Fridays until my beautiful gem will be starting school.

starting school

33 Fridays and My Baby Girl Will Be Starting School

How can it be that there are only 33 Fridays until my baby girl will be starting school? I remember wanting you so badly in my life Chloe. We tried so hard to have you and then finally through the science of IVF I was granted my ray of sunshine. Then came the long exhausting nights, trying to juggle work, family life, full time job and running our family educational toys business Finlee and Me. We then had the teething, potty training and more sleepless nights and everything in between but today it hit me things are going to change in just 33 very short weeks.

In 33 short weeks, I’m going to be faced with a transition or as I’d prefer to call it a mid life crisis. I’ll have no more Mommy and Chloe Fridays, I’ll have nobody else to do arts and crafts with, there will be no more day time naps that I secretly love having with you because it’s the best cuddle time ever, our Peppa Pig binges will be no more, our dance sessions to Frozen will no longer be on repeat, I’ll have no partner in crime to help me discover the coolest flowers in the world and it’s going to be just me.  Just me.

My Final 33 Weeks Before My Baby Girl Will Be Starting School

When Finlee started school, I didn’t have this heart ache that I do with you Chloe. Probably because I knew I still had you for a few more years. But my times up. You’re getting big and the world needs you. You’re ready, but let me have my last 33 Fridays with you before I hand you over.

I don’t know what is going to come next, I don’t know how long I’ll grieve my last child starting school, but I know this. I know the next 33 years are going to be awesome. I’m going to make sure we have fun and create childhood memories that will last a life time.

Oh and one more thing Chloe Glen-Ella – even when you start school just know I’ll be there every day with open arms ready and eager to hear how your beautiful day was.

Love Mommy who is quietly shitting herself,


starting school

Angela is an author, entrepreneur, business consultant, blogger, mental health clinician and most importantly a mother. She explores various topics related to parenting/children on her blog and also in her three books: 30 Days, 30 Ways for Mothers to Take Care of Themselves, 30 Days, 30 Ways for Connecting with Your Child and Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids.

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