Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea … A Time to Support Our Community and Loved Ones.


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My biggest fear since becoming a mother to Finlee and Chloe is getting cancer and dying. I also have to be honest and say up until a few weeks ago, I’ve lived in a bubble around cancer and what the facts are around cancer in Australia. For me, out of sight and out of mind. However, I had the chance to fly down to Sydney for the Bloggers BrunchTM which was hosted by Kids Business and I was given the wonderful opportunity to hear a cancer survivor speak. She brought me to tears. She moved me. And it was this moment, I knew I could no longer live in the bubble and that I wanted/needed to bring awareness to my community. Your community. Together we can make a difference, so please join me in learning more about Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

So what is Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea? For those that don’t know, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is Cancer Council Australia’s most influential fundraising event. It’s because of this amazing event, that you have the chance to come together with those in your close network (friends, family, co-workers), share delicious food, have a cup of tea/coffee, but most importantly help those affected by cancer. Last year alone, $11.9 million dollars was raised to help beat cancer.


Cancer in Australia

As a community, I think it’s imperative that we keep ourselves educated about cancer and the amount of lives it impacts on a yearly basis.

Did you know that:

  • Approximately 130,470 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia this year.
  • 1 in 3 Australian women and 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85.
  • Leading case of death in Australia is cancer. In 2013, 44,000 people died from cancer and accounted for 3 in 10 deaths in Australia.
  • Most common cancers in Australia (not including non-melanoma skin cancer)  are prostate, breast, bowel, melanoma and lung cancer. These five cancers account for 60% of all cancers in Australia.
  • The costs of cancer on the direct health system is $4.5 billion (6.9%).

How You Can Make A Difference

You can make a HUGE difference by registering to host your very own Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea in the month of May or June 2016. The funds that you raise will assist not only in providing patient support, treatment, counseling, but also to support cancer research,  create sun protection products for our families, continue to provide up to date information to our communities and so many other important projects that Cancer Council Australia is involved in.

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea official event will be hosted on Thursday May 26th, 2016 however, your own event can be hosted anytime during the months of May or June 2016. To register for your own event just click the on the bottom below and pop in your details or you can ring them directly on 1 300 65 65 85.


JURA Coffee

If hosting your own morning tea is is something you’re not able to do this year, don’t worry you can still make a difference.

JURA coffee are joining the fight against cancer and are showing their support by donating $50 from the sale of each domestic coffee machine purchased in the month of May 2016. The wonderful contribution of $50 ensures a cancer nurse is available on a free, confidential telephone service (13 11 20) to offer support on all aspects of cancer.

If you love coffee, then now is the time to purchase your very own JURA coffee machine.


Cancer… You Suck

This beast of an illness impacts so many people directly and indirectly. Cancer creates broken hearts, breaks dreams and causes pain that literally takes peoples breathe away. Cancer takes away beautiful babies, vibrant teenagers, enthusiastic adults and the wise elderly that have shaped our community and made it what it is today. Cancer you suck, really freaking suck, but Australia will not allow you to beat us.

Just as we need a village to raise our kids, we need a village to beat cancer…  REGISTER NOW to host your very own Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea and help raise funds for our community.

Love always,

Angela from Finlee and Me







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