Baby Gifts from Grandma

Baby Gifts From Grandma – What To Splurge On.

What’s the second best thing about becoming a grandma? Shopping! Everyone knows that the baby gifts from grandma are always the favourite, so here are some tips to get you started.

Let other family and friends take care of all the practical gifts that are suitable for newborns. Grandma, this is your chance to spoil the new baby and give gifts that can become treasured family heirlooms to be passed down through the generations.

Special gifts for that special baby

Find inspiration with this list of perfect presents to splurge on:-

•             Baby Blanket – Every baby needs a beautiful blanket to snuggle up in. The special ‘blankie’ that grandma gave will be with baby right through childhood providing comfort and security.

•             Customised Jewellery – Every girl deserves jewels, and whether it is a special baby design or something she can wear when she is older, it will be a treasured.  A very special piece is the  “Love You Forever, Like You Always” necklace that is custom made to include the name of your grand daughter, just perfect.

•             Rocking Chair – A beautiful sturdy rocking chair will become the favourite spot for nursing and cuddles and will still be rocking on for the next generation.

•             World Map Print – This gorgeous print in pastel tones is the perfect addition to any nursery. Complete with little heart stickers that can be placed on the map to highlight baby’s heritage.

             Shares in Disney – You can purchase from one single share in the ultimate kids company. They receive a share certificate and paid dividends that can be added to their bank account.

•             Night LightA personalised night light will provide a gentle, ambient glow in baby’s room. Custom made with their name, they will become a handy addition to any nursery.

•             Bank Account – Open an account in the child’s name and make regular deposits. Together with interest, you are starting a nest egg for their future.

All of these gifts are practical but stylish, and will ensure your baby gifts from grandma will be the most talked about present your grandchild receives! Spoiling your new grandchild is all part of the fun, so splurge on good quality products and they will stand the test of time and be enjoyed for years to come.

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