Baby Girl Presents

Baby Girl Presents – Ideas For The New Girl In Your life

The arrival of a new baby girl is so exciting!  Now is the time to discover all things pretty, pink and practical that will make a perfect baby girl presents for this new special little one. You want your gift to be a stand out, so find something unique that will be loved and appreciated.

Practical and pretty gifts for baby girls

Perfect present ideas for baby girls:-

•             Onesies – You can never have enough of these, and they are the perfect sleep and play outfit for baby girls that will be worn over and over again. They don’t have to be plain and boring, there are some really clever designs available now that make them perfect for gift giving.

•             Books – Beautiful children’s books are a wonderful gift idea that you can add a personalised message to, and will be enjoyed throughout the years.

•             Baby Sling – A handy necessity for mothers and infants alike. Babies enjoy the close contact snuggling up with mum and she benefits from having two hands free. A quality organic cotton baby sling will keep baby safe and support mums back.

•             Magazine – Buy a magazine from the month of birth (eg. Women’s Weekly) and a large snap lock bag to store it in. Years down the track it makes an interesting and fun read about the fashion, food and celebrities that were ‘in’ at the time of birth.

•             Soothing CD – Playing a calming CD when it is time for baby to sleep will help her settle and nod off.

•             Lavender Pure Essential Oil – Lavender is helpful in calming and aiding sleep. One drop placed on a cotton wool ball and placed under the baby’s sheet will help with sleep. Or tucked into mum’s bra while cuddling a distressed baby with help to soothe.

•             Large Bibs – So many bibs are just too small to provide good coverage. Always choose bibs that are generous in size keep clothes clean and make wiping up burps so much easier.

•             First Day Covers – The post office always have the latest release stamps presented on special envelopes or in folders. These make a lovely keepsake.

•             Baby Jeans – Give baby her first pair of jeans, every girl’s wardrobe essential. These ever so cute denim jeans come in a special presentation box to record baby’s details for a great keepsake.

•             Dinners – A stockpile of meals in the freezer is a godsend for new parents. Make your own or order them in. This will ensure mum and dad are eating well whilst coping with the demands of a newborn.

Always think safety first when choosing gifts for a baby, as their safety is paramount and quality products will provide this. You don’t want bits falling off that could end up in little mouths.

It is amazing how much is needed for day to day baby care and no doubt what ever you choose  your baby girl presents will be very gratefully received.

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