Baby Shower Decorations

Baby Shower Decorations – 5 ideas to Decorate on a Budget

Creating beautiful baby shower decorations is one way to show the expectant mum in your life just how special she is, and how loved her new arrival will be.  You only need a glance at Pinterest to find a million amazing ideas for party planning, but many of them are costly and in some ways less personal than something you create yourself. There’s no need to spend a fortune to plan a memorable event. Here are 5 great ideas for baby shower decorating on a budget.


1. A few of my favourite things

If the mum-to-be is someone you know well, you’re sure to be aware of the things she truly loves.  Rather than splashing out on expensive props, why not source some bunches of her favourite flowers? Or forget the pink and blue, and find some balloons and napkins in her signature colour? The baby will have plenty of chances to be spoiled so focus on Mum for your party – does she love a certain footy team or never miss an episode of a certain TV show? Go with that as your theme!

2. Party decoration classics

Just like balloons, there are a lot of party decoration classics that can be bought cheaply or made at home, like streamers, bunting or banners.  You may like to get your own kids involved in making colourful crepe paper streamers.  How about a pink and blue paper chain with potential baby names written on each link?  Or, buy some beautiful fabric bunting online and present it to the mum-to-be as a gift she can reuse for birthday parties down the track.

3. Bunting with a twist

Another popular alternative to traditional bunting is a bib or onesie chain.  Simply run a string or ribbon across a convenient wall or doorway and ask guests to contribute a small piece of baby clothing to the garland.  Use clothes pegs – in colour theme if you wish – to create a fun, colourful washing line filled with handy bibs, socks, suits or onesies your new mum can take home after the party to stock the nursery.

4. Forget the baby-proofing

When your new mum’s baby arrives, she’ll need to start worrying about child-proofing her home.  If your baby shower is a kid-free zone, celebrate the things that will be packed away in the cupboard once the bub joins the family.  Decorate the table with candles and glassware. Make the most of the ‘good china’! Use lovely champagne flutes – even if they’re only filled with OJ. Put together a few cupcakes and sandwiches and have your own elegant High Tea!

5. Photos for keeps

Digital photography has been a gift to party planners! A range of memorable baby shower decorations can be created using your favourite photos of the parents to be. If you have access to photo editing software, have some fun with quirky blends of mum and dad’s faces – what will the new baby look like?  Or make a story board showing the journey of this family to the point of the new arrival.  You can make a slideshow of images and pass it around on a phone or tablet – or photocopy black and white images onto brightly coloured paper for retro table scatters.  Once again, your photo collage, in whatever format, can be part of your gift to the expectant family.

There’s no need to break the bank when it comes to creating gorgeous, personal baby shower decorations.  Use our top 5 tips for decorating on a budget as your inspiration – then let your imagination run wild!

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