Baby Shower Gift Ideas: Top 10 Unique Gifts for Mums-to-Be

top 10 baby shower gift ideas

Baby shower gift ideas that aren’t the usual run-of-the-mill ones can be tough to find.

Ask me how I know!

If you have a pregnant friend or even, a new mum whose shower you missed, you want to read this post, bookmark it {or Pin it!} and come back to it each time you need baby products that are not only practical but pretty gorgeous and truly one-of-a-kind. No same ol’ rattles and nappies here. 😉


Top 10 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas


1 – Keepsake Books for Baby’s Early Days

Unlike commercially available baby memory books, this gorgeous Australian- designed baby memory keepsake book is printed on 100% recycled cardstock and spiral bound to make easier to use and treasure.

Every mama-to-be wants a special place to record baby’s earliest milestones and memories and this stunning keepsake book does just that.


2 – Treasure Milestones with Milestone Markers

When did baby take his first step? What about his first word? How about capturing that precious first smile? Or create a photographic journey of baby’s first year?

You can do make of that and so much more truly simple and effortless for a new mum by gifting her a set of adorably cute baby milestone cards and pair it with a stunning keepsake set of wooden milestone blocks.

From when baby sat for the first time to turning a year old, everything can be captured easily and delightfully with these. LOVE them!


3 – Make Time with Baby Easy with Must-Have Mats

Mums-to-be will love the convenience and cheeriness of the Monkey Mats. These mats are truly versatile and let’s face it, versatility is a new mum’s best friend. You want a product that does double or even triple duty and these mats tick all the boxes.

Mummas can use them for tummy time, play or park time, even doing yoga with baby or even, changing or feeding baby.

Since they’re super compact, all they have to do is just pop them into the nappy bag or clip on to the stroller and they’re set.

You can be sure your mummy friends will silently thank you each time they pull out these mats when out and about or even at home.


4 – Personalised Night Lights for Happy Bedtimes

Night lights make bedtimes softly soothing and gently serene for your little bundle of joy.

However, what makes night lights super special is when they’re personalised. That’s right.

We told you, we’re about being one-of-a-kind here, right?

Personalised night lights add a special touch to bedtime, make great keepsakes and are definitely a Mum’s best baby shower gift.


5 – Delightful Rattles that Add a Special Touch

While you can get a ton of rattles and teething rings but since we’re all about being unique when it comes to baby shower gift ideas, we have to share THESE gorgeously cute beeswax finished maple ring rattles that have repeatedly been referred to as the “BEST rattle” by parents in Australia.


6 – An Activity Stacker Makes an Awesome Baby Shower Gift

An activity stacker is an amazing baby shower gift idea because it packs in learning, fun, engagement and entertainment in one nice “box”! This particular activity stacker actually has 5 sequential sized boxes that help develop baby’s fine and gross motor skills all the while entertaining him or her too!

Mums are gonna LOVE you for this!!


7 – Keep Memories Alive with Keepsake Letters

If ever there was a baby shower gift to make a Mum tear up with joy, this is the one.

No kidding.

This gorgeous Letter to Your Child from Baby to Twelve keepsake letters set makes a truly unique baby shower gift.

Mum can write a personalised, heartfelt keepsake letter to baby for each year of their birth till age 12! Amazingly sweet and truly a must-have!


 8 – … Because Babies are Superheroes Too

This adorably cute, snuggly soft and comfy superhero cape for a newborn baby girl will be a fun baby shower present! The reversible cape comes with adorable arm bands and mask too making baby girl the best superhero ever!!


 9 – Monthiversaries Onesies for Making Every Month Special

I know we talked about milestone markers earlier but these adorably cute giraffe monthiversary onesies deserve a special mention of their own.

Each onesie has a cute, colourful giraffe and a month on the front, making it perfect to wear for those monthly photo sessions!


 10 – Give a New Mum the Gift of Time

This is a gift that she’ll love forever. You remember the early days of being a mum, right? Even if you aren’t a mum, you know that it can be lonely and tiring. We love it, but it can get tough.

Gift a new mum or mum-to-be an hour or two of babysitting coupled with a voucher for shopping or spa treatments.

Alternatively, you can make time for chatting with a new mum, taking her for a coffee date with baby in tow, or just dropping by her place with a meal or two that she can pop into the freezer and use when needed.

The gift of time, I feel, is a gift that is priceless, indeed.

What are some of your fave, one-of-a-kind baby shower gift ideas?

top 10 baby shower gift ideas

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