Baby Sleep Routine.

How To Improve Your Baby Sleep Routine

Every baby is unique and establishing a good baby sleep routine for your child will probably not be the same as anyone else’s. If you are struggling from lack of sleep we have some easy ways that you can try to encourage your baby to sleep more soundly.

Our 5 top tips to help encourage your little one to sleep

Create the right environment – Turn down the volume of your TV or radio, use a night light to provide soft lighting, keep the cot clear of toys and distractions and check that the temperature is not to hot or cold. Babies will often sleep more comfortably if swaddled, even in summer, just use a light cotton cloth.

Establish a consistent routine – Baby’s respond well to routines. Develop a time frame that suits your family. Follow the same pattern each night for changing and feeding. Adding a warm bath just before bed is relaxing for bub and can help promote deep sleep.

Gentle massage – Babies respond well to massage and all of the family can learn how to gently massage a baby to help relax them before sleep. This is also a great way for everyone to have special one-on-one time each night with baby.

Soothing Music – Gentle sounds can help baby nod off and will help to block out the others sounds happening in the home. Make room for a small CD player in baby’s nursery and fill the room with gentle lullaby’s or sounds of nature.

Lavender Oil – Pure Lavender oil can be placed in a burner, in a bowl of hot water or a drop placed on a tissue and put into babies cot half an hour before bedtime. Lavender Oil is calming and soothing and fabulous for promoting sleep. Use this fabulous essential oil at anytime when baby is upset or unwell.

Every baby book that you read will offer different methods to help get your baby to sleep. You need to experiment and find the ones that work for you. Don’t get stressed if the advice of ‘baby gurus’ does not work for you. Gently introduce the above tips into your nightly routine. Hopefully a good night’s sleep is coming your way soon with this new baby sleep routine.

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