Benefits of Music for Children

Music and Children

Let music boost your child’s life.

Music has an array of benefits such as helping develop your child’s speaking and comprehension skills. Learning to listen to instructions as well as listening to pick out different sounds. And improves their daily physical activity as they cannot help but bust a move.

Besides all the benefits, music is utterly fun. Set up a mini band with a set of drums, cymbals and a tambourine and you have the different instruments to create your own songs together.

Bonding with your child in music is a great way to nurture, have fun and put a smile on each other’s faces. Get bopping to your favourite beat and watch your child shine, as they play with their favourite instrument and test out different rhythms and melodies. You will both be giggling in no time.

With music, creativity and inspiration follows. Go see a live orchestrator together and watch your child see the endless possibilities of how music can be played. The point of any creative activity is to not let perfection get in the way and instead allow the freedom of experimentation to uncover new sounds.

Finlee & Me, understand the benefits of music in a child’s life and has a wonderful array of Kids Musical Instruments that your child can learn and explore with. The Musical Tree for Kids is for children who love to experiment and test out every aspect of music. Different levels and colours makes this toy visually appealing. Added with the different sounds and uses, this musical toy will keep your child intrigued and most importantly, with a smile on their face while they play with it.

Mini Cymbals are a great addition to any child learning about music. The different tones from the outer to inner circle will have your child creating their own melodies. Then a final ding at the end as the two cymbals come together, will have your child’s face light up with pride.

Music is a method used for children to find a way to express themselves. Add music to your child’s life, with Finlee & Me’s interesting and fun Kids Musical Instruments.

If your child loves music then be sure to check out our educational toys sections over at Finlee & Me.

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