Best Baby Crayons to Purchase for Your Child

Baby Crayons – Stackable by Finlee and Me

Introducing your baby to a world of colour is easy when you buy baby crayons. Not just any crayon, but a specially made stackable, educational and fun set of a rainbow of colours that will have your baby love these easy to hold toys.

Watch your baby learn to hold, draw and delight themselves with these baby crayons. Your baby may not be able to talk yet, but they are immersing themselves by watching the parent or play mate show them the many uses these baby crayons can achieve.

The Stackable Baby Crayons by Playon Crayon from Studio Skinky have so many benefits that grow with your baby, to toddler, to child that will have you shaking your head at the amazement of what these crayons can do.

Safety wise, they are hard to break, so less chance of choking. And they are non-toxic. Making these crayons ideal for any little one. Always be sure for any young child who is mouthing toys, to supervise during playtime. Plus, they are stain free, resulting in no additional washing for Mum.

For all levels of childhood development

1. Baby Education – Babies love colour. Have you ever seen a baby fixate their eyes onto a bold, colourful toy? Added with the benefit of touch, they can hold the easy to hold crayon in their fingers to improve their fine motor skills. Fine motor skills is used by the small movements of a child’s hands, fingers, small muscles of their face, tongue and feet. The development of fine motor skills is largely based on the small muscles in their hands.

2. Toddler Experimentation – Toddlers love to explore. Drawing becomes fun, when there are a rainbow of colours to choose from, stacking the crayons to various heights and do not forget the ‘timber’, as they fall over. You might even be surprised at how your toddler experiments by creating art from the crayons themselves, as they take the unusual shaped items and build them into a castle, or into little people. Or even thread them into a necklace to work on hand eye coordination. The crayons themselves without the art aspect can be just as imaginative when not drawing. Educational too, as you and your child can count together the crayons to make sure none are missing and teach your toddler how to pack away the toys with the box that comes with them. Plus learn how to match the colours with the word of the colour.

3. A Child’s Development – When your child is a bit bigger and wiser, they will start to play with the crayons at a deeper level. The crayon colouring can be used, as well as shading techniques, darker strokes with lighter strokes. They get a feel for their own strength of the crayon in their hand as it draws on the paper. They also feel the freedom of art, to allow them to explore their mind’s imagination and bring to life on paper. The importance of fine motor skills to learn at a young age, helps the child’s development when the time comes for preschool and they need to be able to colour with crayons, cut with scissors, paint with a paintbrush and so on. And as the child grows, learning to hand write with minimum effort is something to strive for. Children who struggle with these activities can feel frustrated and their inner-self-confidence lowers when they see their peers doing the activities that they cannot. This is why it is important to get a head start in life and no age is too young to start the process.

Watch your child’s inner-artist and colour enthusiast come to life when they play with the Baby Crayons – Stackable by Finlee and Me. To purchase click here: Baby Crayons – Stackable by Finlee and Me

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