Best Construction Toys for Kids: Building Blocks to Encourage Learning Maths, Science and Construction Principles with Play and Fun

Best Construction Toys for Kids

Construction toys and building blocks for kids are a delightfully fun way to spend hours not only playing but also learning. A classic toy that we’ve all fondly grown up with, block sets are a must for every home.

I’m all about making childhood memories and learning with play happen and it fills my Mum heart with joy to see toys that take an age-old favourite and whip it into something newer and better!

Today, I want to share the TOP such construction toys for kids that are insanely incredible when it comes to teaching mathematical and science concepts as well as principles of construction and so much more!!

Best Educational Construction Toys and Building Blocks for Kids


1. Sumblox: The Revolutionary and Fun Way to Learn Maths

Building Blocks for Kids SumBlox Wooden Number Blocks for Kids


I’m truly over-the-moon thrilled with these! They’re incredibly well-designed, built-to-last so we know that we’ll get plenty of play out of them and most importantly, they’re such a wonderful way for kids to develop a strong understanding of mathematical relationships and equations.

A set of 43 hardwood blocks, these are a must-have for kids aged 2 to 11 to learn number identification, addition, subtraction, multiplication and even, fractions!

It’s amazing at the learning potential that Sumblox has.

Plus, the fun element is pretty cool too. Kids can race to build Towers of Tens, have a contest to see which numbers add up to the same sum and so on!

Can you imagine the delightful giggles and the excited squeals as they play and learn? Amazing!!


2. Magna Tiles: Magnetic Building Tiles to Learn Shapes and More

Building Blocks for Kids Magna Tiles Masterpiece Castle


This is another incredibly well-made building block set that includes magnetic tiles {which in itself is so fun!} that can be used to create geometrical shapes, even, molecular structures for science projects and so much more.

A fabulous educational toy for kids to develop gross motor skills as well as identify shapes, learn logic and reasoning and get a hands-on experience with building structures and more.


3. Brackitz: Building Blocks for Budding Architects

Building Blocks for Kids Brackitz The Architect 100 Pieces Set


These wooden building blocks are the best thing ever for kids who love to create structures and are keen to explore the basics of architecture! From simple, straightforward buildings to more complex creations, your kids will learn AND apply principles of science, maths and engineering to create, who knows, the structure of a yet undiscovered molecule!

Top Construction Toys for Kids

 4. Grimm’s Stacking Rainbow for Motor Skills

Kids Wooden Toys Grimms Stacking Rainbow

Boost motor skills, eye-hand coordination, improve colour recognition and also, help kids to learn about the rainbow while having tons of fun building tunnels, bridges, structures and more! This wonderfully cheery coloured Alderwood stacking rainbow is perfect for both indoor and outdoor play!

5. More Rainbow Blocks for Motor Skills Development

Best Construction Toys: Rainbow Building Blocks

Delightfully designed, these hardwood blocks with colourful acrylic centers will fascinate and engage kids while helping them improve their motor skills and eye-hand coordination as they stack them up, peer through them.

A wonderful toy that helps build imagination and creative thinking as kids use the blocks to create structures as well as to turn the world around them cheerily colourful.

6. Unlock Imagination with the Wonderworld 50 Piece Building Blocks

Best Construction Toys: EDucational WonderWorld Blocks Set

Beautifully and thoughtfully designed, this WonderWorld 50 pieces blocks set is perfect for kids aged 2 and above. The rubber wood set includes a variety of shapes to encourage shape recognition, cheery colours that facilitate colour identification and of course, the chunky size and shapes allow kids to stack them, build with them and use them to have tons of fun!

7. A Sensory Treat with the Rainbow Sound Blocks

Best Construction Toys: Rainbow Sound Blocks

Omigosh! These really are a favourite of mine! They’re just what you need to encourage exploration through sound, sight AND touch! Designed for toddlers aged 18 months and above, they’re the perfect birthday gift or Christmas present idea!

Children will love the cheery colours, the sweet sounds that the beads make, the tactile delight of putting the blocks together. A wonderful way to boost colour identification, encourage sound play and of course, building and constructing as well.

8. Wonderful Learning with the Wooden City and Town Waldorf Building Blocks Set 

Best Construction Toys: Educational Waldorf Building Blocks

There’s tons of fun to be had when there’s a town to be built! Ideal for fine motor skills development, these 15 houses with handpainted doors and windows will keep little builders busy for hours as they create the town or city of their dreams!

9. Creative, Open-Ended Play with Tegu Magnetic Blocks Set

Best Construction Toys: Tegu Magnetic Building Blocks Set

Magnetic building blocks, like this Tegu 42-piece set, are almost magical for kids to play with. There is unlimited opportunity for creative, open-ended play as kids use the blocks to make building, structures, vehicles and people even, with these big and small blocks made from Honduran wood and painted with non-toxic paints.  These are truly heirloom, keepsake toys!

10. Encourage Letter Learning with ABC Wooden Blocks

Best Construction Toys: ABC Building Blocks

Learning the letters of the alphabet has never been easier or more fun! These beautifully designed rubberwood ABC blocks have a different image on each of the 4 sides facilitating multiple learning opportunities. Plus, the blocks are great for building stackable towers and structures!

11. Creative Construction Play with The Happy Architect Tower

Best Construction Toys: Happy Architect Tower

This beautifully designed set of blocks is just what you need for hours of creative construction play as kids put together buildings, towers and more while improving fine motor skills and developing their imagination.

12. Bundles of Fun with the Large Black and White House Building Blocks Collection

Best Construction Toys: Wooden Toys Large Black and White House Building Blocks Collection

Aren’t these a beauty?! You’re gonna love them more than the kids, I imagine. These stunning hand crafted and hand painted black-and-white building blocks make constructing a house so much fun. These are of course, great for fine motor skill development and nurturing creative thinking and imagination. Not just that, they’re so stylish, you’d love displaying them in the family room, once the kids have outgrown playing with them!

One of the things that I love most about these building blocks is that they’re designed keeping in mind tons of play opportunities and so can be passed down from sibling to sibling and even, generation to generation. 

Can you pick a favourite? I can’t! All these building blocks are perfect, depending on what learning opportunities do you want your kids to explore while having delightful fun as well!

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