Big Sister Gifts

Big Sister Gifts To Make Your Toddler Feel Important

Becoming a big sister is exciting, but can also be a big emotional upset for your daughter – especially if she’s been the only child all her life! Your toddler will no longer have your full attention and jealousy can creep in as so much focus goes to the new arrival.  This is a good time to remind her of how important she is and these special ‘Big Sister’ gifts are sure to make her feel happy and proud of her new family

Interactive gifts for when you are busy looking after baby

Some of the best gift ideas for big sisters can be used to keep your toddler occupied whilst you are feeding and caring for your new baby.

•             Camera and Photo Album – A disposable camera or an inexpensive digital camera can keep your toddler busy taking photo’s of her new sibling and surrounds. Add a photo album or scrapbook album that the photo’s can be placed in and she can create a beautiful keepsake. Let her discover her creativity with 52 ways to be creative with the photos.

•             Family Fun – Give your toddler her own little family to dress up and take care of. When you are caring for baby, she can look after her own little family and develop her fine motor skills at the same time.

•             Baby Doll – Big sisters will love looking after their own baby, just like mummy does. With so many life like dolls available now, she will feel like the real deal.  She can feed her baby when you do.

•             Activity Tote – Fill a tote bag with art and craft supplies and easy activities that she can pull out at anytime to keep herself occupied when you are busy with baby. Sticker books, play dough, colouring in books, crayons, beading kit, dress-up shoes and bag, pretend makeup or bubble blowing supplies. This tool kit will also be handy to take when you go out visiting family or friends. Regularly add new little items to keep it fresh and interesting.

•             Tea Party Set – Every little girl loves a party and a making ‘sweet treats’ that she can share with family and friends. She can even invite the new baby to one.

•             Big Sister Jewellery – A special necklace or bracelet with ‘Big Sister’ inscribed on it that she can wear and keep as a reminder of how special her new role is. A ‘Just the way you are’ personalised necklace includes a birthstone and her name engraved on a silver bar, she will wear it forever.

Becoming a big sister can take a little adjusting too, but let your toddler help with easy tasks like fetching a nappy, a packet of wipes or a new bib, will help make her feel useful and very grown up. Taking your daughter out for a special big sister only ‘date’ even if it is just for a quick milkshake occasionally will give her some important one-on-one with you.

Any one of these special big sister gifts will remind her of how fun it can be to have a baby brother or sister and will keep her entertained for hours whilst you look after the newest family member.

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