How Big Will I Get While Pregnant?

How big will I get now that I’m expecting?  I think this questions crosses every pregnant woman’s mind. It’s the first question dismissed by midwives, when it fact, there’s a whole host of practical reasons you need to know.  It’s near impossible to get a straight answer.  This is partly because every woman and baby grows differently and partly because it’s seen as an insignificant question compared to the big life changing ones ahead.

What changes to your body can you expect to see?

When you go for your regular ante-natal check up’s your doctor will take your Fundal height measurement. This is taken from the top of your pubic bone to the top of your uterus and it is considered normal for this measurement to grow by approximately 1cm each week. This measurement is taken at the front of your belly, so whilst great at measuring the development of your baby, it does not help you relate to how you are going to look.  Nor will it help you with practical considerations such as planning a maternity wardrobe and packing a birthing bag.

In addition to your growing belly, you will also probably experience an increase in hip measurement as the hip joint spreads in preparation for birth. Your bust size will also increase with the average women going up about 2 cups sizes before birth.  If you’re a woman who has always wished for bigger boobs, it’s your time to shine!

How big am I going to get?

To help you visualize how your belly will grow, use these fruits as a general guide to how big your baby is at each of the stages.
· At 7 weeks your baby is about the size of a blueberry
· At 14 weeks about the size of a lemon
· At 20 weeks about the size of a small rockmelon
· At 30 weeks about the size of a large eggplant
· At 40 weeks about the size of a small watermelon.
Wrap a watermelon in a towel, place on your belly, grab a tape measure and this will give you an indication of how your waist measurement is going to change.

Tips for successfully selecting a maternity wardrobe

Gone are the days of pregnant women hiding their beautifully growing bodies in dresses that resemble tents. Fashion designers have stepped up to the mark and now provide stylish, tailored apparel that will keep you comfortable and looking good.
Start building your maternity wardrobe by buying a few basic essentials. A fitted pant and skirt with a quality stretch panel will expand with you comfortably. A few plain coloured tops can be customized for different looks with accessories. You can even still wear a LBD (little black dress) for special nights out, they will just be expertly created to fit your growing belly. Designer maternity fashion will provide you with beautiful quality, tailored classics that last the distance. Quality over quantity is a good choice for looking great throughout your pregnancy.  Cheap and cheerful tends to end up stretched and uncomfortable by the time you’re in your last trimester.  Keep in mind too, you’ll need to keep wearing your maternity clothing after the baby is born as your tummy will probably not spring back to your pre-pregnancy shape overnight!  Choosing maternity clothes that are well made and designed can avoid that awkward “when are you due” question weeks after you’ve birthed (we’ve all been there – some people are just SO RUDE).

Nobody can tell you EXACTLY how big you will get while pregnant becasue every woman is different but you will look glowing, and excited and sick and insane and beautiful and swollen and pretty and majestic and tired – sometimes all in one day!


Guest blog by Leah Bieze, Maternity Fashion Designer at  LJB sells classic, elegant maternity essentials online designed to be the comfortable and quality staples of your maternity wardrobe.

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