Cool Snack Ideas for Kids

Fun Ideas for Healthy Snacks for Kids

snack111smFinlee my four year old wanted a “fun” snack he told me this morning. Since today is Sunday and my level of creativity is down I wasn’t sure how I was going to “pull” this request off.

I thought the best approach was to involve Finlee and speak to him about different foods, educate him about healthy foods and see where this took us. In addition, I thought heck since we’re doing this food exerise I wanted to explore with him different sensory elements: what does it feel like, what does it taste like, what does it smell like etc.


Step 1: Find something to pop all your snacks in. The one in this picture is the one that I used to pop all of my 1 year olds puree foods in and it has a lid that goes over it, so if you were going to take this out to the park, train etc the items won’t spill. If you were just staying at home an ice tray would work perfectly too.

Step 2: Have you and your child (ren) look through the fridge and cupboards. Talk about what options they take out and explain what is good and bad about the foods. Look at the colours of the food, the textures of the food, the smell of the food etc.  (Please note you could also put ham, boiled eggs, veggie sticks, dips etc however this is all we had in our house on a Sunday morning so had to use what was there).

Step 3: Fill your trays up based on the items you picked out.

Step 4: Enjoy your healthy kids snack.

Remember healthy snacks for kids don’t always have to be snacks where we spend hours preparing them. 

If you liked this recipe and loved the education element of it, then I’d encourage you to check out our educations toys

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Jessie Logan
5 years ago

We made the apple chips this am and even though they are still in the oven my 10 yr old grandson had fun making them, and says he will make them of a weekend for school little lunch.
I don’t think these will still be in his lunch box at end of day.