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Easter Bunny MasksmChildren’s art and craft doesn’t get better than Easter and it’s coming up fast!  Easter wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate (and moderation does tend to fly out the window every year) and bunnies!   Did you know, 86% of the population would prefer having a chocolate bunny to owning a live rabbit? Each year, around 90 million chocolate Easter bunnies are made. Solid chocolate Easter bunnies are the most popular, with unfilled chocolate bunnies and marshmallow-filled bunnies following closely behind. The lead up to Easter would not be complete without some Easter bunny themed childrens art and craft activities.

This Easter bunny mask activity by SmartyArty is better suited to school-aged children, though younger kids would definitely enjoy the decorating process and will have a ball wearing their masks. Your children will be so proud to wear this cute bunny mask that they have made to all of their Easter events this year. Gather your art and craft materials You will need: A page of white cardboard A pencil Scissors Grey paint (or whichever colour you prefer)   Hat elastic cut to size to go around the back of your child’s head A hole punch Craft glue White cotton balls Black pom pom 2 pink pipe cleaners 2 white pipe cleaners

Step 1 – Trace the Easter Bunny Mask Shape Copy our bunny mask shape outline onto the page of cardboard.  Be sure that your easter bunny’s head is about the same size as your child’s head.

Step 2 – Cut out the bunny mask Cut out the Easter bunny face shape from the cardboard. Younger children may need help with this step. Using off-cuts, cut out two rectangles to be used as the bunny’s teeth in step 7.

Step 3 – Paint the Easter mask Using the grey paint (or brown if preferred), paint the entire mask. Allow to dry.  If your child prefers to be a pink bunny or a purple and orange bunny, those colours are OK too, of course!  Arts and crafts are all about self expression and we all feel a bit purple and orange sometimes!

Step 4 – Punch the holes              With the hole punch, punch one hole in either side of ‘forehead’ part of the mask. Then punch two holes in each side of the ‘cheeks’ part of the mask.  Be sure to help little fingers with this stage to keep them safe.

Step 5 – Thread the elastic Thread a pre-measured piece of elastic through one hole on the side of the mask’s ‘forehead’ and knot. Repeat this procedure for the other side of the mask with the other end of the elastic.  Check the length for comfort as you go.

Step 6 – Thread the white pipe cleaners From the front of the mask, thread one white pipe cleaner through one hole of the ‘cheeks’ of the mask. Bring the same pipe cleaner back out through the adjacent hole and bend both outwards to form whiskers. Repeat this step for the other cheek of the mask.  To keep them in place, you may like to use a little sticky tape.

Step 7 – Glue on the Easter Bunny Nose and Teeth Glue the black pompom onto the centre of the ‘cheeks’ section of the mask, just above where the point where it comes up over the mouth. Glue the two white cardboard rectangles reserved from step 2 to the back of the mask below this point.

Step 8 – Add the Cotton Balls and Pink Pipe Cleaners Bend one of the pink pipe cleaners in half and pinch the middle. Curve each half of the pipe cleaner to follow the line of the bunny’s ear and glue it to outline one ear. Repeat this with the other pipe cleaner and other ear. Cover the inside of the pink outline with glued-on cotton buds and allow the glue to dry.   These Easter bunny masks are perfect for the kids to wear to Easter egg hunts and other Easter activities or simply because Easter is very exciting. Mix it up a little by using non-traditional colours (even try coloured cotton buds) for a beautiful and unique bunny mask this Easter. Art and craft supplies, plus many more ideas for childrens art and craft activities to celebrate Easter can be found at the SmartyArty Art Store.

About the Author: SmartyArty is the creative brain child of designer and child carer Bec and National Curriculum specialist Jodie.  They create pre-packed art and craft kits and sell art supplies online in Australia.  They cater to parents, kindergartens, day care centres and schools with affordable creative ideas packaged up and on sale for just $3 each.

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