Finlee and Me Kids Shop Online – 5 Things You Never Knew

Finlee and Me Kids Shop Online – 5 Things You Never Knew

I’m Ang, and I’m a shopaholic.  Seriously, they need a group.  I am the woman behind the kids shop online – Finlee and Me (well, my dad and I are the women behind the brand…man and woman…you know what I mean).  I have this little vision in my head every time I upload a new product – the image of a poor mum, dragging two kids from store to store at the mall, with the whining and the demands for toys and the public toilets and the tantrums (the kids tantrums too).  Then I imagine that same mum, alone, wine in hand, kids in bed, getting so excited about each new product I upload – because it’s EXACTLY what she was looking for too.  And that’s what Finlee and Me, online baby and kids store is all about.

So, since we’re both sitting here looking at beautiful things, I thought we might get acquainted!

I am Canadian born, educated in the USA, but fell in love with an Aussie. We married and I now call this beautiful country home.

We are blessed with two beautiful children. Finlee is my son’s name and first born, this store grew from that, but in reality it should now really be called Finlee, Chloe and Me. Both of our children are little Aussies and we fought hard in a doctor’s office for both.  I have grown to feel that IVF babies are especially special because you love them so much, so long before they are even conceived.

I am a qualified clinical social worker. This is my “day job” but I dream of a day when Finlee and Me is my day job! The best bit is that I can use my training to source products that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but focus on your child’s wellbeing, milestones, skills, imaginary play and sensory building.

And, I’m pretty proud to have recently won Peekaboo magazines ‘Best Online Customer Service’ award. I work pretty hard to make sure Finlee and Me is just a lovely experience for my little community of mums.

Finlee and Me is not just another online kids and baby shop. I’m about making sure every single purchase is packed with value – for mums and for their bubs or kids. It’s not just about play, it’s about making sure that play enhances imagination and opens up a new world for a developing little mind.  All this while offering mums a destination they’re guaranteed to love for their precious me time.

Hop on over to our website to look at our wonderful collection of products for baby, kids and mum: Finlee and Me Online Store

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