Helping A Friend Through Baby Loss by Finlee and Me

Helping A Friend Through Baby Loss

Helping a friend through baby loss is one of the toughest jobs women face – and yet, sadly, it’s a job many of us will face. There’s nothing as upsetting as getting that phone call that brings all the hope and celebration to an abrupt halt. So, what can you do to help a friend through the trauma of miscarriage? The most important thing you can do to help your friend is provide them with a listening ear and be careful not to upset her further with comments such as “You can try again”, “Well it’s not like you were far along” or “It was natures way of fixing genetic problems”. As finding the right words to say can be difficult, you can express your genuine concern by giving your friend a gift, to remind her you are thinking of her and what she is experiencing right now.

Letting them know you care with these comforting gift ideas

Flowering Plant – Beautiful blooms year after year are a lovely sentiment that can be planted in the garden and nurtured. So much better than a bunch of fresh flowers that are only pretty for a few days.

‘Surrounded by love’ Necklace – This beautiful piece can be personalised with mum and dad’s names and will be a constant reminder that they are loved and supported.

Home cooked dinner – A home cooked meal that can be easily reheated such as lasagne or a bit pot of soup will be a welcome relief for grieving parents that will not feel like cooking and may be struggling with day to day practicalities.

Rose Quartz Heart – Rose quartz is the stone of love and compassion. They can be purchased cut in a heart shape and will make a beautiful ornament placed anywhere in their home.

Personalised Teddy Bear – A cute teddy bear that is soft and cuddly can be a comforting gift. Personalise it with the word ‘Angel’ or mum and dad’s initials to make it extra special.

I also think a big box of chocolates and a big hug can approriately accompany any of the above! Life can truly deliver some cruel blows, and baby loss is certainly right up there, but any friend will appreciate a gift to honour her loss and be reminded that you truly care.

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