Leaving Your Child In Someone Else’s Care

Leaving your child in the care of a nanny or babysitter for the first time can be a daunting prospect for many parents.  Finding the right nanny or babysitter can be even more difficult and time consuming.  How do you find the right care for you and someone that is going to meet the needs of all the members of your family…the smallest ones in particular? How do you know what to look for in a nanny/babysitter?

Firstly look for an agency that maintains a high level of integrity in terms of how they recruit their nannies.  A reputable agency should individually interview each nanny/babysitter, making sure they have all the relevant, up to date documentation, qualifications and experience to safely care for your child.

Personalised service should be a big part of what is offered to you as parents so you can feel confident that the agency is really attune to your families needs.  Being available to answer all your questions and offer advice at any stage during the process is critical to getting the right ‘fit.’ After all, you are going to be inviting this person into your home so great care must be taken so you feel comfortable with who you have chosen.

Ease of booking these days is an important criteria so it fits in with your families busy lifestyle.  In particular, online booking 24/7 means that you can leisurely read through the information on an agencies website well after the children have gone to bed and place a booking anytime. A reputable agency will also have their prices on the website for you to make an informed choice.

Many agencies offer a range of services and choosing an agency with a diversity of options is something to look for.  You may not know exactly what you need but an agency that offers nannies, babysitters, mothers helps, au pairs and post natal nurses means that, in consultation with agency staff, you can rest assured that you will find the person that you need.  Finally, for you, the process should be straight forward and simple.

Written by Jen Bond – Rockmybaby Brisbane Gold Coast Nanny and Babysitting Agency

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