Magic Easter Jellybeans

Creating Easter Memories with Your Family

magicjellybeanssmEveryday is a great day to create memories for your family, but why not also start this wonderful family tradition.

Items You’ll Need

  • Cups to plant your magic jellybeans in
  • Soil
  • Jellybean
  • Water
  • Lollypops


The night before Easter lay all your materials out on the table (minus the lollypops) then:

  1. Fill half your cup with soil
  2. Put some jellybeans onto of the soil
  3. Cover the jellybeans and fill soil to top of the cup
  4. Have your little ones water it
  5. Take some family photos
  6. Place your planted magic jellybean plant outside
  7. When kids go to bed put the lollypops in the cup
  8. In the morning watch their little faces light up

This is an easy, but fun activity for the entire family.

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