Montessori Felt v Waldorf Dolls – What’s The Difference

Montessori Felt v Waldorf Dolls – What’s The Difference For Your Child

Both the Montessori and Steiner Education systems are built on developing the whole child and they prefer to use natural tools to provide educational inspiration. So what are Montessori Felt and a Waldorf doll and how can they benefit your child in play and learning.  What is in it for your child?

Montessori Felt – More than just a toy

Felt is a natural fabric that is highly durable. It is a practical choice over plastic as an aesthetically pleasing way to create learning tools that match with the Montessori philosophy. Fabric is soft and kind on little hands and is used to make counting boards, pattern making kits, pretend household objects and letter recognition/spelling mats. Montessori teaching aids are designed to combine play and imagination with practical learning and even if your child is not attending a Montessori school they will enjoy using these tools.

Waldorf Dolls

Inspired by the beliefs of Rudolph Steiner’s that children should be given toys that allow for imaginative play. Made from all natural fibres, a Waldorf Doll has no plastic body, faces or limbs. They are a delight to hold and touch, providing a snuggly companion for your child to play with. The faces are kept as simple as possible so that your child can use their imagination to determine how the doll is feeling at any given time. They are the complete opposite to the ‘adult’ dolls so often given to little girls such as the very famous Barbie. Waldorf dolls are specifically designed to help children play as children. Doll play is one of the first steps of developing social skills and interacting with others without judgement. A Waldorf Doll will be a favourite for many years, and as felt is so tough it will withstand the rigors of child’s play.

Montessori felt and Waldorf dolls are so much more than toys. They will provide hours of play and learning with the benefit of natural fibres. No cheap and nasty plastics that will probably break before to long. Your child will really enjoy learning through play.

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