Montessori Gift Ideas for Babies and Kids

Montessori Gift Ideas for Babies and Kids

When you watch a child play, you see it as an innocent act of enjoyment. Through child’s play, they are actually learning, exploring and becoming knowledgeable in multiple areas that are required for life.

The Principal of Montessori

Montessori is about learning to balance responsibility with freedom of choice. The Education focus is based around the belief that each child should learn play through materials that can be touched, compared, ordered and much more. The child decides upon themselves how long they will use the materials for while learning at their own pace. The basis for this is, children who are grasping a new concept can really learn about it before moving onto the next material. And the children who have already grasped the learning skill, act as a model to the children who are still learning. Then they come together to use what they have learned. The other aspect of these set of principles, is it promotes self-confidence, a sense of self-worth and achievement, independence and the ability to make their own decisions, increased motivation and concentration and persistence in completing a task.

Importance of Toys

It is especially important for children from one to four years old to learn about sensory development as it is for older children. This is achieved through play. Montessori toys teaches children to figure out how the toys work, use their imagination for how they want it to be, create a scene or story, solve problems, build muscle control, fine motor skills and strength. The toys are created to be played by oneself by modelling an older sibling’s/adults actions and then once mastered, a new difficulty level is proposed to the child (using the same toy). This is why Montessori toys are beneficial for children. The child grows with the toy, as they learn and become more knowledgeable and advanced, they can have new ideas on how to use the toy.

Our Montessori Gift Ideas

Finlee and Me are excited to offer your child Montessori toys that will stimulate your child’s play. Have you seen the Wooden Lacing Beads? I remember running to the cupboard where my grandmother stored them to empty the bottle of beads onto the floor and begin to play. They are perfect for your child to learn colours, shapes, pattern recognition and strong motor skills. This unisex toy, can have your child learn about playing with colours, patterns, sorting and more. It is great for most ages as the learning of what you can do with the beads occurs at different levels of knowledge. The Montessori and Waldorf Inspired Cubes and Coins are a great gift idea as well. The educational aspect of this toy, is limitless. Your child can spend hours playing with coloured cubes and cones. With each turn – using their imagination and building skills – they can create something unique and different. Your whole family can get involved, by each taking a turn to create something new. It is a wonderful idea to let your children see multiple aspects on where one’s imagination can take them. When you give a Montessori toy gift to a child, you are giving much more than just a toy. To view our complete range click here: Montessori toys

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