Montessori Method – What’s The Deal Anyway

Montessori Method – What’s The Deal Anyway

This month on Finlee and Me, we’re talking educational options for your child. What is Montessori Method and how is it different to an average school curriculum? Montessori Method of schooling is not new. This alternative to traditional schooling was created 100 years ago and is continuing to expand around the globe. There are independently operated Montessori schools in Australia, and the program has been integrated into a selection of public schools around the country. So what’s the deal, what makes Montessori such a different way of teaching children?

Montessori Schooling – Less structure more creativity

Montessori Method is all about building self confidence, developing positive social behaviour and allowing children to work at their own pace. Activities and materials form the basis of learning, rather then text book based tasks. Some of the biggest differences from mainstream learning are:-

Class Structure – Classes are not operated on a year basis dependant on age. Each class is made up of children from 3 age levels. Birth -3, 3-6, 6-12 and 12-18. Younger children benefit from interaction with older children as positive role models, and older children can pass on their skills and knowledge by helping the younger ones.

No Set Period Times – Each day is not broken up into regimented time slots. Children are encouraged to work on a project or activity for as long as they like without the need to pack up and move on to the next subject that will occur in a normal school.

No Curriculum Based Homework – Your child will not be sent home with a specific set of homework activities, but are encouraged to participate in real-life activities relevant to the topics being covered at school eg. Students might go through a newspaper to find ads for grocery specials or a current world happening. Parents are required to play a very interactive support role by helping children with activities at home. Learning outcomes are achieved with sensory equipment that engages children through enjoyment.

Non-competitive Sport – All children will participate in regular sporting activities, but they will always be of a non-competitive nature. Children are often competitive by nature and this will be supported but not encouraged to develop competitive tendencies.

Montessori Method is a more relaxed style of learning and has no religious affiliation. Instead they support all beliefs and encourage acceptance and understanding of different cultures. Special needs children are welcome and supported for positive learning outcomes. Only you know what would be best for your child. Montessori Method might certainly be a successful option for your family.

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