Nursery Wall Décor

Nursery Wall Décor and Decorations For Boys!

So much awesome, pretty nursery wall décor is available for girl’s rooms (always the way) but what about your little boy? Like gorgeous clothes and accessories, little girls get spoiled and mums of boys just get frustrated.  So, here’s out take on nursery decorations for boys!

Nursery wall décor can take a nursery from functional to fantastic! Choosing fun décor ideas for the nursery walls can ensure you create a unique and awesome nursery for your little boy to play, ponder and drift off to dreamland.  No need for boring beige walls! Your little man is sure to love these fun and creative nursery wall décor ideas that will make his room his own!

Nursery Wall Décor Ideas:

1. Personalised Kids Night Light

A night light is mandatory for a nursery.  But why not make a feature out of this must have item? This light box night light is the perfect accessory for any cool kids nursery wall or surface. The ambient light creates enough soft lighting for your little one to feel comforted at bedtime, and has enough light for those middle of the night nappy changes or feeds – no need to wake everyone with bright ceiling lights.  It’s great for avoiding Lego related injuries as your little boy grows too!  With LED light bulbs they’re energy efficient too – which is really important when your boy will want this light on every night!

2. Funky Art Display

Have fun making your very own art gallery! Use the nursery walls to display your little one’s artworks.  Why not create a mummy and son time where you create using just the right colours for nursery walls and then frame them to match.  Art is more special when it’s meaningful, and it will remind your little one of happy times with you.  Check out our craft projects for inspiration!

3. Boys will be Boys!

Noise, dirt and boys seem to go hand in hand!  Hang this handmade wooden sign with whimsical boy sayings to make you chuckle.  You’ll appreciate it, as you mop up muddy shoe prints and do yet another load of muddy clothes! ‘Boys – noise with dirt on it’.

4. Awesome Wall Cards

Remind little boys about the importance of manners with this set of 8 retro style manner cards. Hang them on the nursery wall and your little boy is sure to learn about his p’s and q’s and hopefully remember them too! Or if your little guy has a thing for space and rocket ships (or it’s your nursery motif), why not chose the solar system wall cards.  Give him a head start in science and aesthetics all in one wall décor concept.

5. Sylish Maps

Our very popular vintage style wall maps are sure to make an impression on your little man.  Each map comes with 5 heart stickers so he canmarkspecial places on the map.  This is perfect for children with far flung family, strong cultural roots or some stamps in their passport!

Your little man will love these 5 awesome ideas for his nursery wall décor. And so will you as they make it just SO easy to jazz up his nursery walls and make it all the more fun and fab for him!

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