Nutella Banana Iceblock Recipe and Zoku Machine

Fun with Kids in Summer

The warmer weather is here which means it’s time to start making ice blocks that your kids will love; especially the Nutella Banana Iceblock Recipe which can be used in the Zoku Machine or any iceblock moulds.

3 Simple Ingredients

The Nutella Banana Iceblock not only tastes amazing but only has 3 ingredients making this recipe super easy:

  • 350 grams of whole cream milk
  • 125 grams of nutella
  • 1 banana

Instructions for Nutella Banana Iceblock

Step #1: Ensure you have all ingredients.


Step #2: Add all ingredients to your blender or Thermomix and mix for 20 seconds (or more if needed) until everything is blended together.



Step #3 Pour into your Zoku Machine (or other mould) and wait 9 minutes to eat this delicious summer treat.

Zoku machines are a wonderful product that allow you to make iceblocks in 9 minutes flat and without electricity. Allowing you to make healthy iceblocks that you know what ingredients your children are eating.



Step 4: Pull iceblocks out of Zoku Machine after 9 minutes (could take 10-11 minutes if it’s a hot day) 


Step 5: Enjoy your summer day, create memories and smile.


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