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Safety Tips for Kids in Crowds – it’s Festival Season Again!

Whether you’ve got a new bub or a big school kid, the Aussie winter festival season is a wonderful time of year. Commencing with the Royal Easter Show in Sydney, Aussie families brave the cold, the winds, the drizzle and the crowds to create some amazing, exciting childhood memories. For mums though, it’s the crowds that can be a little frightening. At Finlee and Me, kids safety is a big issue, so we thought we’d put together some handy safety tips for kids in crowded places.

Talk To Kids About The Dangers Of Crowded Places

Child safety in crowds isn’t just about stranger danger – becoming momentarily separated can cause acute anxiety for your child. Explain to your child how you expect him/her to behave in a crowded place. Remind them to always keep hold of your hand, never to run off and if they do get separated, to stay where they are and seek help from an adult. I always suggest advising them to seek help from a woman with children – as mums just know how to make kids feel better when they’re scared! Ensure they know that policemen and security guards are there to help at festivals and shows. Be sure to discuss stranger danger too, and what to do if somebody tries to lead them away in a crowded place. This discussion is vital for all situations, not just crowded ones. Upon arrival, be sure to show your child where the police, St John’s Ambulance or other “helpful” places are. Point out “emergency meeting points” and help them to get oriented in the space.

Photograph Your Child On The Day

Before leaving home for the show, take a mobile phone photograph of how your child looks that day. If the worst happens and you become separated, you can show security an exact image of your child, including the clothing and hairstyle they’re wearing. You may also want to consider a brightly coloured cap to make them easy to spot!

To Restrain Or Not Restrain – That Is The Question

With all parenting decisions, it’s solely up to each individual mother to decide if a child leash is appropriate for their child. If your little one is still “stroller sized” then belting them in is the easiest solution but if they’re more “free range” in age, leash backpacks may be the only option for fast moving kids. Consider though that these can be a nuisance in a crowded place.

Ensure Your Child Knows His Vital Information

For older kids, ensure they know their full name and even mum’s mobile number in case they need to tell a policeman or security guard. It’s also possible to write your child’s name and mum’s mobile number on the tags of jumpers or even on their forearms. For younger kids, consider a Kids Emergency ID Bracelet. These nifty little numbers are…well, nifty little numbers! It’s a bracelet made of beads that display your mobile phone number – so anyone with a phone can call you immediately if they find your little one lost. For older kids, it may be worth buying a cheap pre-paid phone for them to carry at crowded events.

Safety Tips For Mums To Many!

If you’re travelling with three or more kids, it can be tough to keep all of them close. It’s usually not practical to walk 4 astride through a crowded place. Where it’s siblings, pair older kids with middle sized kids while mum and dad care for the youngest ones. Give each “buddy pair” a mobile phone in their backpacks. If you’re not used to taking a lot of little kids out, say it’s a birthday treat or other special occasion, consider inviting some of the other mums along to help with mini-crowd control. The better the event, the more crowded it’s likely to be! Don’t deny your little one the wonder of her first ever fireworks display, or first turn on a show ride! Every mum is concerned about kids safety – but combine these safety tips for kids in crowds with a big dose of common sense (and maybe even the odd bribe for compliance) and you’ll treat your babies to some incredible childhood memories!

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