School Holidays: You’ve Finally Broken Me. Bring Wine.


school holidaysI don’t know about you, but I’ve lost the battle to fight anymore during these school holidays and this image from Marie O’Neill Design and Illustration pretty much sums me up in a freaking nut shell.

I feel like I don’t even know my kids at the moment, or myself for that matter. I feel like we’re all about to drop kick each other.

The last week has been a constant battle from sun up to sun down. The fighting, the being hungry every 5 minutes, Finlee and Chloe both annoying the hell out of each other by provoking, hiding toys from one another etc.

It just doesn’t stop…

School Holidays: You’ve Finally Broken Me

I am exhausted both mentally and physically.

I have taken Finlee and Chloe to the movies, down to the Gold Coast, done arts and crafts, played hide and seek, board games, card games, baked – you fucking name it and it’s been done. I’ve also encouraged them to go outside, connect with nature and be in their own skin because kids these days struggle with being on their own.

I need my space. In fact, I think Finlee and Chloe need their space just as much as I need mine. If you think about it, if you spend day in and day out with your partner, parents, best friends etc eventually you’d get sick of each other and need your space. So I reckon giving the kids an outlet away from their parents is equally as beneficial for both parties.

I know for a fact I’m a better mother when my kids are at school/daycare Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I get a chance to regroup, connect, put my needs first and come night time and the weekends I’m a calmer, kinder, more patient mother; we connect more.

So for all you out their currently struggling and counting down the days until school goes back; I get you. This parenting gig is fucking hard and even harder during school holidays. And I’m here to remind you that you’re not a bad parent, your feelings are totally normal and you’ve got this.

I thought I’d share a few examples of messages I’ve been getting from my friends or from my social media platforms to confirm you’re not alone:

At least your children didn’t eat a container of sprinkles, sprinkling your house in the process, whilst on the phone to Samsung because your washing machine flooded the basement.”

I’ve been having to fill the dogs water bowl up 20 times a day. I’ve also given up on dressing them unless necessary.”

For breakfast… legit 2 chocolate bars and a handful of jelly beans and later he woke me at 6am.”

What crazy school holiday adventures can you share with all of us? Let me know in the comments.

Ps- when in doubt drink wine; it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.




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Angela is an author, entrepreneur, blogger, business coach, mental health clinician and most importantly a mother. She explores various topics related to parenting/children on her blog and also in her four books: 30 Days, 30 Ways for Mothers to Take Care of Themselves30 Days, 30 Ways for Connecting with Your ChildHealthy Snack Ideas for Kids and 30 Days of Christmas Cheer – A Month of Holiday Traditions and Memory Making.

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